Friday, April 20, 2012

Spaghetti in Arrabiata

Any kind of pasta is always welcoming. The best part about pasta is that it is very filling and doesn't require any curry with it. Whenever I make pasta I add in it the goodness of vegetables, so I loaded it with sweet corn, peas, beans, carrot, onion, capsicum and cucumber. I often call this meal as ONE-DISH DINNER :)

Spaghetti - one packet
Chopped vegetables (corn, beans, capsicum, peas, cucumber, onion, carrot) - 1 cup
Pureed tomatoes - 4
Crushed garlic - 6-7 pods
Oregano - 2 tsp
Basil- 1/2 tsp
Thyme- a pinch
Pepper - 3 tsp
Salt - to taste
Olive oil - 2 tbsp
Red Wine (optional)-2 tbsp

1.Cook the spaghetti in boiling water add salt and a 1 tbsp oil in the water to prevent it from sticking together.
2. Heat 1 tbsp of oil and fry the garlic till raw smells goes away. 
3. Add all the chopped vegetables and cook till they are soft (do not overcook, it must be bit crunchy).
4. Then mix in tomato puree and wine and boil.
5. Add the spaghetti and season with the oregano, basil, thyme and pepper while still on the stove and mix well.
6. Adjust salt and remove from fire.

Serve hot. I like red wine with it.

Tip :- Any vegetable can be added like Spinach, paneer etc.
-Add cheese to make it yummier.
-You can add any pasta (penne, macaronifussili, ribbion etc.) 


  1. I liked it because you added so many vegetables. It looks yum and I will make for my kids so that with noodles they can eat vegetables also.

  2. Varsha- Thanks!.. I always make pasta with many vegetables.You also try and your kids will surely like it

  3. I made this and I liked it. Can you upload one with white sauce also?thanks in advance

  4. Indu- I will make it soon and upload the recipe.:)


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