Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jowar Ki Roti/ Sorghum Indian Flat Bread-Gluten Free

Jowar/Sorghum is very healthy and one must include Sorghum in his/her diet quite often. Jowar ki roti is very famous Indian flat bread eaten during winter. This roti is gluten free and rich in fibers  Like most of the people I was also scared of trying this type of bread at home, but believe me cooking Jowar ki roti is no rocket science. My mom is expert in making various kinds of rotis; and she gave me the secret of making this roti. She said that If you kneed the dough well then you can never go wrong with it. Now when winters are approaching;I had to try this recipe. And yes! I did it and she was right there is no Rocket Science in this recipe. Love You Maa!..

1 cup Jowar Flour 
1 cup hot boiling Water
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Ghee

Mix the Jowar flour, water and salt to form smooth dough. Kneed it for 3-4 minutes.Divide in equal portions.
Roll out each portion (either by palm or by rolling pin) into a roti and put it on a hot griddle over medium flame.
Cook from both sides and then put it directly on the fire to puff up.
Turn it over during puffing and put off the flame.
Now smear a 1/8 tsp of ghee over the Jowar Roti.


  1. so now i know my mistake. i used warm water to knead the dough, now i will use hot boiling water. thank you for sharing this recipe

  2. i could never make such a thin rotis. so now i know kneading the dough is the trick

  3. Roti looks great. Very nutritious...


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