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Tempting Mango Chocolate Chips Muffins- Guest Post By Manju Of Desi Fiesta

Blogging has so many advantages - it is exciting, it gives us an identity, it is so much fun, but above all it is the platform where people with same passion that is cooking come together. One such person who has become my very good blogger friend is Manju of Desi Fiesta.

She participated in one of my events and send in some very innovative recipes. She won the competition for her wonderful Masala Cone recipe. Her blog as the name suggests is loaded with desi dishes with international twists. Some my favourite ones are Chocolate paan, Heart Beet Whoopie Pie Cake and of course Ghevar

We both always chat with each other and always have something new to talk about. I love the way she always adds the word DEAR after or before any conversation. I am glad that she agreed to guest post for me and it is my pleasure to bring before you’ll Manju. I happy to announce that Merry Tummy lovesDesi Fiesta .

Off to Our little chit-chat

Shweta- What made you start blogging? How long have you been blogging? Is there any particular etiquette that you like to maintain while blogging?
Manju-Hi everyone !! First of all, I am so glad to be here at Shweta's space. Thank you- Shweta for giving me this lovely opportunity of bring my recipe to your space :). Now coming to you question. I used to share my food pictures on Facebook and my friends where very curious in knowing all the recipes .. So this is what made me start a blog so that I can have my recipe collections in a place where all my friends can enjoy reading them :).  I started this blog as I am passionate in cooking and explore my kitchen a lot. And by blogging now I have earned so many lovely like minded people who are so supportive and encouraging. I blog and that makes me feel so happy when my blogger buddies encourage me!! And I feel so excited and have fun while blogging that I never follow any etiquette and I don't even want to, because I want my blog to stay as my stress buster and not a stress producer :). 

Shweta- That is so interesting. Which is your favourite ingredient in the kitchen and why?
Manju-My favourite ingredient in my kitchen which like to use frequently is - Cardamom. I add cardamom in all gravy and rice recipes a lot as my H likes the flavour of cardamom in any gravy /sabzi/pulav.. It adds an extra flavour to any dish and makes the dish so aromatic. The aroma really tempts the people to have any dish in which we add cardamom.

Shweta- Hmmmm! Cardamom  I am sure is any Indian’s beloved spice. Which ingredient scares you the most and why?
Manju-I love to explore with all new ingredients. So till now no ingredient scares me :) But my h is scared of having cauliflower a lot. He never even wants to taste it as he saw some worms coming when he went for grocery shopping. - So he hates it. But I have all veggies  and no such veggie or ingredient which I have explored and experimented with scares me .If you ask me should be some ingredients which scare me which don't even want see is any Non-vegetarian  ingredients including Egg. As I am a pure vegetarian I hate to see Non-vegetarian ingredients.

Shweta- He he! My hubby to hates cauliflower and the reason is same “Worms”. How do you spend your time other than cooking and blogging?
Manju-Oh that’s a good question! :)  I have 2 year old kidoo at my home and she always has some work for me to do :P So I always do those work as my routine. I like to watch new movies either it may be Tamil/Hindi/English/any foreign language with English subtitles, Other than that I love to play with my daughter a lot :)  That’s how I spend my whole day.

Shweta- Oh! So you are a movie fan. Like any other profession, I am sure cooking also has its share of difficult instances. Any such awkward moment?
Manju-As everyone know I did my Home science with computer science when I was in school. So we were introduced to use new terms and equipments. I have never even used mixer grinder, as I was scared to use it and had no idea how to operate it. Thus when my mom told me grind for chutney it came out as a green juice: P And Yes this was an awkward moment in my cooking.

Shweta- That was very funny! I can see some real wonderful food pictures in your blog. It is said that one eats with his/her eyes before actually tasting the food. Do you believe so-your comments?
Manju-It is surely true if your food looks good it will taste delicious for sure :).  Every foodie eat the dish with his/her eye first and then comes to the taste. So presentation is so important while doing food photography. I am still a beginner when it comes to photography. I am learning so much from my senior bloggers ‘and my very good buddies :) Who have been a great help in improving my blog and now they are helping me to improve my photography. So glad that I found such true friends in this virtual world :).

Shweta- So you totally love blogging. Which is one thing that you do not like about blogging?
Manju-It’s so much fun and I feel so happy to share my recipes in my blog .It is a very good thing to share is thoughts while sharing our recipes. Till now I have been enjoying blogging and no such thing has made me think any dislikes in blogging. I am excited every day to share recipes and even learn new recipes from our blogger buddies. So I don't have any particular thing which I don't like in blogging :)

Shweta-So, Which is your most proud moment in the blogging?
Manju-Till now I have so many proud moments that I am going to treasure my whole life :) I have won so many giveaways and so happy to get recognition from all my readers :). When I posted "Ghevar" ,which is the most popular dessert in my blog. I did it for SNC challenge conducted by Divya. I got an huge response for that post and still people are appreciating me as they tired and tasted my recipe. So ghevar brought me to limelight :) It was my happiest moment in my blogging world :)

With warm welcome over to Manju.

I am so glad and they were very lovely questions which made me to think a lot :) Shweta has been so kind and I love her collection of recipes a lot :) I like here bakes and innovative recipes. One such recipe is “cake churma “with leftover cake crumbs that was really a very innovative recipe.

Now, I have got a seasonal recipe for you Shweta. Hope you will like :)

I love mangoes and I am hunting for mangoes every week: P . So, I have come with this delicious recipe with my favourite fruit to share with you all. This is an yummy combo of mango and chocolate. They are so very moist and both mango and chocolate compliments each other so well. These muffins make perfect snack for tea time. I saw this recipe in a cooking show long back and made a note on my recipe to do list . Thought is will be the perfect treat to share with all the readers and Shweta  :)

1 cup plain flour (maida)
1/2 tsp baking powder
A pinch soda bicarbonate/baking soda
8 tbsp condensed milk
5 tsp chocolate chips
4 tbsp mango pulp
4 tbsp melted butter
A few drops of vanilla essence
Cupcake liners - 8-10

Sieve the flour, baking powder and soda and baking powder in a bowl. Keep aside.
Combine the condensed milk, mango pulp, butter (melt the butter before adding) and vanilla essence in another bowl, mix well and keep aside.

Add the flour mixture and mix gently using a wooden spoon or spatula.
Add enough water (approx. 2 tbsp) to get a batter of dropping consistency.
Pour 1 tbsp of the mixture into each of the 10 line muffin moulds with the cupcakes liner or you can even grease and dust them with some flour .

Sprinkle ½ tsp chocolate chips evenly on it and bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 F for 15 to 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in a muffin comes out clean.

Combine dry ingredients with wet ingredients in batches and don't add them in one go to avoid lump formation.
Don't over mix the muffin batter just fold the dry ingredient till well combined.
Cool slightly, unmold and wrap in an aluminium and foil or cling film or pack in a Tiffin box.
Instead of condensed milk you can substitute with 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup milk (you can adjust this to make the batter dropping consistency)

Thank you from Merry Tummy


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