Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday's Tip- How To Grow Fenugreek Leaves/Methi At Home

Do you like DIYs? Do you find DIYs exciting? DIYs in India use to be knitting, painting, making cards –just plain simple crafty things. Once I landed in the UK DIY store grabbed my attention. DIY is an interesting concept to some extent, I mean I enjoy making DIY gifts for Mr. Husband on his birthday or make my own books rack, or paint wood boards for photography but screwing tables or fitting tiles in the bathroom is not for me.  I like creative stuff, I like using my brain and follow instructions that are written in the guide.

Other than making colorful items for home, I tried growing herbs and plants in the balcony. Just like BBQ, gardening is another thing that one MUST try atleast once in lifetime. I have planted seeds of oregano, basil, thyme in small pots and it is amazing how fragrant the balcony gets when they bloom completely.  Back in India I never ever thought that I will grow some plant of herb in my home. Slowly I used bigger pots and grew aubergine and capsicum as well. But today I will share how to grow fenugreek/methi leaves at home?

This is very easy, you need not have fancy pots –just compost and methi seeds (that you already have in your kitchen). Last year I grew in leftover dabba that I had, I have grown in foil containers as well. No rocket science at all. Best part- it starts blooming in a 1 week. So do try this- indeed the best therapy. And you people in India, just plant it now because the climate is in your favor.

  1. Take any pot and fill 3/4 of it with compost.
  2. Take handful of fenugreek seeds and spread evenly.
  3. Water little, the compost should become moist.
  4. Just cover the seeds with compost and water again.
  5. Water every day- but never over-water. You need it to be moist and not water lodged.
  6. See the magic- in 1 week seeds will bloom to leaves.
Next see my tip on howto freeze/preserve fenugreek/methi leaves for months without drying?


  1. nice useful post dear. Will try this.

  2. they have bloomed so well...nice post dear....

  3. Great tips! The plant is so lovely! I'm following you at GFC & would love to have you follow me too!
    Luxury Haven

  4. I too follows d same steps for methi leaves..they r fresh n aromatic right..:)

  5. Really very useful tips. It is very helpful for me.But I want to know that which compost I can use.

    1. Hi Nikita, can you give me your email id. I can give you the link :)

  6. Hi mam
    As I m a beginner got some questions if u don't mind please answer
    1 what is compost soil
    2 is that possible to grow fenugreek leaves in normal soil
    3 were can I get compost soil

    Sorry mam for long question

    1. hi....welcome to my blog.
      1 compost is decayed organic material used as a fertilizer for growing plants, it is then mixed with soil.
      2 yes you can try
      3 you can get it on snapdeal or amazon.in
      Thanks and hope it helps :)

  7. Which is the best time to grow fenugreek in India? Which month of the year?? Even when can I grow dhaniya (coriander) which is the best season


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