Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Healthiest Snack Ever: The Best Go-To Snack: Video Tutorial

This is my favourite one, the healthiest and indeed the quickest snack. Yeah I am pretty confident calming this-it is really the healthiest one. No carbs and no bad fats, just loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Feeling hungry in office after lunch? Worrying what snack to pack in your child’s tiffin box? Want to watch your husband’s weight and high cholesterol? Thinking what to eat after gym or workout? Well, well, well- this snack is the BEST answer to all the above questions.

In it goes lots of fruits like banana, orange, kiwi and apple- all these are full with fibers, vitamins and juices. Next I added pumpkin seeds to give that missing crunch and also to include healthy omega acids. To jazz it up a little, I mixed in apple cider vinegar- oh what can I say about this magical ingredient? Why don’t you see my post on why apple cider vinegar is important for your health? Finally spoon of flax seeds was added, powdered or milled flaxseeds is such a healthy thing that everyone is talking about it. You can see my post on how to include flaxseeds in the Indian diet to know more about its benefits and usage :-)

This is not any particular recipe, you can add in any other fruit too like grapes, berries or...anything. But I can promise you that this is the best go-to snack ever. It keeps you hydrated, filled and healthy. It cleans your digestive system, gives great glow on your skin, nails and hair and hey it takes only 2 minutes to make this. Next time when you think about healthy snack- do give this a try.

Half chopped banana
1 chopped apple
1/2 orange
1 kiwi chopped
1-2 tablespoon pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon flax seeds powder

In your snack box/bowl mix banana, orange, apple and kiwi.
To it add pumpkin seeds and flax seeds powder.
Finally add apple cider vinegar and mix.

I used good quality this raw apple cider vinegar. You can use lemon juice instead.
As mentioned above, you can add in any fruit.
I used organic Linwoods Organic Flax. You can use powdered almonds powder too.
Substitute pumpkin seeds with sunflower seeds or any nuts of your choice.


  1. healthy and colrful salad..I'll love to have this

  2. Healthy and pleasing salad.. Light on tummy as well..

  3. Apple cider vinegar is no doubt my favourite too! I just got a bottle of it from Himachal :)
    Glad to have come across your blog


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