Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tip- What to do with over-salted soup/curry?

Hey readers! I am starting with new section in my blog. Every Tuesday I will mention a tip or a trick that will be very helpful in your daily life. Something like how remove  stains, avoid bad odor in your refrigerator  how to clean stuffs, how to choose a fruit, some quick fix in the kitchen etc etc... Exciting! isnt it?? So stay tune. 

How many times have we all worked for hours and then realized that the Soup or Curry has too much salt?Do not throw it away, there is a perfect fix! And this is the tip of the week. What to do with over-salted soup/curry.

There are 3 tips that I will like to share.
Tip 1- If your curry is already cooked and you do not wanna over cook it then simply add large chunks of boiled potatoes (large because it will be easy to take them out) and let it sit in for 4-5 minutes. Taste and then remove the potatoes.

Tip2- If curry and vegetables are still cooking then simply peal a raw potato and cube it and add in the curry. Let the potato cook with other vegetables. Remove the cooked potatoes if you want to.

Tip-3 This one is very good. Simple take 1 tbsp of cornflour and mix with 2 tbsp of water and mix with soup or gravy. If the soup or curry turns thick add some more water. Cornflour will absorb the extra salt. 

I hope that next time if you have added extra salt in the food, these tips will be very helpful. 
See you on next tuesday with another tip.

* Disclaimer :::: Not all the information mentioned above are my own and some of it are taken from various books and online sources like Google including the pics. My pics will have my logo on them , rest all are taken randomly from Google


  1. thanks a ton. thats too good tip

  2. That's amazing and very helpful.

  3. Thank you! You saved dinner!


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