Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hassle Free Peeling Of Garlic- Tuesday's Tip

Peeling garlic can very time consuming, but we also know that most of the Indian recipes that we cook , demands us to add garlic.

Okay! I agree that we can avoid adding garlic to some of the meals but most of the dishes like Schezwan Sauce/ Indo- Chinese Chutney, lehsuni daal, garlic chutney, daal tadka, instant tomato garlic pickle is incomplete, in fact almost impossible to cook without garlic.

I think one must not avoid adding garlic to the recipes because it not only enhances the taste but it is also very good for health. Garlic regulates one's blood pressure and is packed with vitamins and nutrients. 
Even when we like aroma of garlic, we also hate to peel it, but today on Tuesday's Tip I will share 3 easy ways to peel garlic.

Tip 1-
One of the most common ways to peel is separate the cloves from the bulb and then  press each clove of garlic firmly with the flat side of a chef's knife. The force will help to crush the clove and the papery skin will be loosened. From there, you can easily remove the skin.

Tip 2-
If you have time to spare, then soak garlic cloves in the bowl of cold water for 10-15 minutes. Once they've been in the water , the outer skin will slip off easily.

 Tip 3-
This is the quickest one.The trick  is to microwave the cloves for approximately 15 to 20 seconds on high power. The skin will separate away from the clove making it easier to peel.

After using these tips the peeling of garlic is pretty an easy job and pain free. Do try these tips and enjoy "hassle free" garlic peeling.
Enjoy garlic meals :-)


* Disclaimer :::: Not all the information mentioned above is my own and some of it are taken from various books and online sources like Google including the pics. My pics will have my logo on them , rest all are taken randomly from Google 


  1. It was nice meeting u in person and now glad to find ur blog too..this tips are really useful..thanks for sharing :)

  2. thanks for all your responses Snow white


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