Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rai Ki Mirch :Stuffed Green Chilli Pickle: Instant Hari Mirch Ka Achar: Indian Pickle

Rai Ki Mirch is a very poplar pickle in Rajasthan made with green chillies (hari mirch). No matter what the season is, this pickle is always relished. Unlike other Indian pickles this is neither time consuming nor does it need sun bathing. This is the quickest and instant green chilli pickle you will ever make. There is nothing better than homemade pickle, no preservatives and you know exactly what’s going in the recipe. If this sounds interesting to you, then, do see my instant mango pickle recipe.

I am from Rajasthan that too a marwadi and I exactly know how important this rai ki mirchi is for people of Rajasthan. There are many varieties of chillies available in the market; all I look for is fat chillies with pleasant green colour. My mom explained me; slimmer chillies have more heat in them. So when I saw these chubby chillies at the nearby Bangladeshi store, I picked it up with no other thought but turning them into pickle.

The mixture of spices with mustard oil (sarson ka tel) and lemon juice, oozes out sharp and peppery flavour which is to remembered by the tounge forever. But it is no ordinary chilli pickle; The unusual process of stuffing the chillies is the unique and exceptional characteristic. I prepare it many times in small batches and gobble it with parathas, aloo puri and pulav. Over all; no rocket science, no pain- all you need is the appetite to relish it.

1 cup green chillies- washed and dry
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 ½  tablespoon Mustard seeds/ rai
½ tablespoon fenugreek seeds/methi
2 tablespoon fennel seeds/saunf
1 teaspoon dry mango powder/amchur
Pinch asafoetida/hing
Salt to taste
1/4 cup mustard oil

  1. Slit green chillies such that it opens like a pocket. Remove the seeds and keep aside.
  2. In the grinder, grind fenugreek, fennel and mustard seeds into coarse powder.
  3. Heat oil to the smoking point and then let it cool. Now again heat the oil (only till it gets warm).
  4. Mix the warm oil with asafoetida, salt, dry mango powder and grinded coarse powder. Keep this paste aside for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Fill ¼ teaspoon of the above paste in each chilli. Do same with the remaining chillies.
  6. Finally mix in the lemon juice and toss well.
  7. The pickle is ready to eat. Store in any airtight glass or plastic container.

It stays fresh up to 3 weeks in the fridge. (Fresh is always better)
Any type of chillies can be used, depending on the level of heat you can handle.
I grind the spices in the large quantity and keep it ready for the future use.
Any other oil can be used instead of mustard oil. (No olive oil please)


  1. Amazing photographs....and yummy green chilly pickle... :)

  2. wow...I love to have this pickle with my meal. Don't even need any dish with chapati if it;s there.
    Great pictures too shweta.


  3. Oh wow I am from Rajasthan too! You made me nostalgic with this post Shweta! My granny used to make this pickle and she used to call it 'Nimbu ki Mirch', but the recipe was same. This looks so mouth-watering. I can have it with anything! :)

    1. Nimbu ki mirch is different at my home :) A memory lane road through food is always so nice Anu -right ?
      Thanks :)

  4. I'm not sure I even know how to pronounce this recipe, Shweta...but it looks incredible!! I love the idea of a picked stuffed chili. And those pictures are making my mouth water (even though it's 8:00am here and I'm still sipping on my morning coffee)!

    1. Thanks david:) I am so happy you enjoyed the pics while having your morning coffee ;)

  5. Wow, this chilli pickle is my son-in-law's favourite. Nice clicks of pickle.

  6. Oh my god I love this! You know this mirchi ka achar and plain paratha used to be my favorite breakfast! I'm badly craving for homemade achar now. Thanks for the recipe Shweta, I will try it sometime!

    1. hey same pinch, i can have chilli pickle and paratha as my beloved breakfast too:) Thanks and do try the recipe manali :)

  7. lovely photos. I'm not a huge fan of chillis but your photos make the achar look so tempting. Will try the recipe when I get not so hot chillis.
    I am hosting an event on my blog. Please participate. Thanks.

    1. thanks Mayuri, good to see your comments after so long :)
      Will try to participate and all the best :)

  8. om yumm yumm, Shweta! these chilies making me hungry! all I need is some paratha to gallop few down!

  9. Shweta it's been so long when I had fresh ghar ka achaar!! Now I need to make this asap!! Pinning!

  10. The pics are amazing dear... I definitely will not be handle the spiciness of this one!

  11. Ah! this pickle looks tempting...loved the pics ..

  12. Lovely pics Shweta and definitely a mouthwatering pickle

  13. Can I use olive oil instead of mustard oil??


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