Sunday, May 26, 2013

An Iberian Experience :) Spain And Portugal. Indian Vegetarian Experience

Yes yes! I am back. Where was I? I went for a holiday. I and my hubby went to Spain (Barcelona) and Portugal (Lisbon) for a week. I must say both the cities were poles apart from each other. Barcelona on one hand is bigger and crowded; Lisbon on the other is smaller with large hearted people.

Barcelona is a city for everyone. It has something for kids, thrill seekers, beach lovers, architecture enthusiastic or people in search of peace and calmness. I just enjoyed walking around the city. We walked around old city, small lanes to huge squares, saw famous buildings, churches and also the ones where tourist do not go. Barcelona is all about walking and then stopping and gazing around. Gaudi’s buildings are the famous ones in Barcelona and one can’t miss them. All his work is inspired from nature; he liked the mosaic tiles work, the wavy buildings, tree like churches and many more. Being a food lover, I must say Barcelona does not disappoint vegetarians. We had Tapas (small portions of food) and Paella (Sticky kerala rice biryani); both these dishes are very famous and tasty and you will find most of the restaurants selling them. In drinks, people love to have Sangria –it is fruit wine punch with hint of brandy and is served in 2 litre glass jug with some ice cubes; it is very yummy and even if you do not like wine, I am sure you will enjoy this drink. For Barcelona-Colourful is the word- a perfect blend of nature and culture.

Little Tapas, Fruity Sangria and Colourful Paella
Wavy Casa Mila La Pedrera, On its roof and Wavy Balconies
The Chruch-Sagrada Familia, Looks like tree branches from inside and beautiful mirror work

Talking about Lisbon; it is a very cute city on hills. We stayed there for 2 days and totally enjoyed every bit of it. One thing that I will never ever forget about Lisbon is the Tram 28. A bright yellow train making its way through curvy tree-lined streets, hilly areas, the old quarters- What an historical sight it was!!.. We hopped off and on where we wanted and enjoyed the ride. On the hill we saw an Indian Restaurant named Agra and we jumped in. We had delicious chana masala, jeera rice, garlic naan, palak paneer-I still can’t forget the taste. Yes! Portuguese food is like Goan food (fish and rice) so we being vegetarians were very happy finding an Indian place to eat. During our walking tour, our guides took us to Alfama which is tiny city (more like village) with really very narrow paths and streets. There we tasted Ginjinha- a sweet alcoholic drink infused with the flavour of cherries. It was a good and different drink served as tiny shots :-) Next day we went to tourist attractions like Belam Tower, Abril Bridge and Jerónimos Monastery. Just across the Belam Tower is Belam Pastries Shop who sells these amazing Custard Tarts, which is famous all over the world. And you will be shocked to know that on Christmas they sell 40,000 pieces of it. It is more like puff pastry as the base with slightly warm custard, hmmmm delightful :). So, if you are a non vegetarian do go there, you will love the food, the music, and the city :). For me it was about hills, trams and the people :)

The famous Pasties De Belum and its Custard Tarts
US With The Lady Who Sells Ginjinha
Lisbon Top View and Hubby @ Belum Towers
My Favourite- Tram 28
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  1. I too wanna go. Lovely write-up Shweta. And 3rd middle pic is awesome :)

  2. Nice.Thanks for sharing your experience..I too love to travel..

  3. Wow! Awesome post Shweta.. Loved the clicks too :-)

  4. Your hubby is so cute.Loved the pics.:)

  5. Enjoyed reading every bit of it .Nice one

  6. I always see your blog. i see daily what is new.i like the way you write and tell stories but this one was very sweet. god bless u and ur hubby-great couple

  7. Loved all the pics and the post. It sounds like lot of fun and a good vacation spot to add to the list.

  8. gorgeous snaps, ME wanna go there rt now.. loved the last pic , the tram pic, my son would have enjoyed..

  9. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing this journey. Loved the buildings and the food pictures! Those custard tarts are mouth-watering!!

  10. Looks like u had a great trip..i havent been to Lisbon,i m sure i will love it there, esp if food is grt :)but have been to barcelona last year and totally loved it there, my lil one also liked it there as he had fun things to do ther too.Now our holidays are restricted to kiddy places :)

  11. It's me who commented as unknown..


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