Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Strawberry Chocolate Ice-Cream, Without Ice-cream Machine, Eggs And Sugar

Who will not like the recipes that is not elaborate, doesn't have tons of steps to follow? Well I am that kind of a person who tries to stay far from complicated recipes. Ice cream is one such dessert that needs lot of preparation, too many ingredients and an expensive ice cream machine.  I have made eggless chocolate cookies ice cream before that too without ice cream machine, but this one is more special as it is-
  • Sugar Free- no added sugar, jam, honey or condensed milk.
  • Eggless- no double boiler method to cook yolks
  • Contains raw fruits- fibers, endless choices and healthy
  • Needs just 2 ingredients-yogurt and fruit.
  • Easy and quick- no churning, no cooking, no ice cream machine.

Do you believe it? Yes, now you can make creamy ice-cream at your home, without fancy machine.  This is fantastic for those who are looking for healthy dessert recipes. The only important thing to note is to have thick yogurt (I used Yeo Valley Greek Style Natural Yogurt). That’s it. Rest all is super trouble-free, no rocket science at all.

I used strawberry as it is the seasonal fruit now, though I cannot wait to try mangoes in the summers ;). Now, I am a big chocolate fan when it comes to the desserts, so I did added 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, but it is totally up to you. You can add nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, dried fruits...anything and everything you are fond of. The best component is that it has homely feel to it. *happy dance*

Cannot convince more, I have done my part- Make this and you can thank me later.

4 cups strawberries
1 cup plain whole Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (optional)
1 tablespoon rum (optional)

Wash strawberries and remove the green cap. Freeze strawberries in the Ziploc bag for 2 hours.
Next, in the blender, blend yogurt and all the rest ingredients till it becomes creamy.
Freeze in the freezer safe container for at least 6 hours.

Due to cocoa powder; the ice cream doesn't look that pink.
If you are not conscious you can add sugar or condensed milk.
Using lime juice, rum and cocoa powder is absolutely optional.
Take out of the freezer 10 minutes before serving, this gives creamy consistency.
Use fruits like mango, pineapple, cherries, banana and berries. Or make simple vanilla one with vanilla essence (you might need sugar here).
Do not blend nuts, chocolate chips or dried fruits with fruits and yogurt, instead mix with the blended mixture and freeze.

Tangy, semi-sweet and creamy


  1. I want a big scoop of this yummy icecream dear.. Looks so tempting.

  2. OMG what lovely pictures and fresh strawberry ice cream is something to die for.

  3. yummy icecream and feel like taking it off the screen.

  4. WOW !! definitely gonna try this ! I made similar Banana ice cream, it was yum! Not sure U know about this already. lemme give u the link .

  5. So....tempting and love to have a scoop of it :)

  6. wow, simply awesome and super healthy have bookmarked to try this...

  7. very impressive. Will surely try sometime! thanks for sharing!

  8. very very tempting combo and awesome clicks dear :) ice cream looks very delicious , i wud love to slurp then right away :)

  9. creamy and yummy ice cream..

  10. That icecream surely luks wonderful!!

    There is a surprise waiting for you in my blog!!

  11. That icecream surely luks wonderful!!

    There is a surprise waiting for you in my blog!!

  12. Woah!!!! Thank you so much.. I'm dying to taste it :D good job , well done!!!!

  13. Hi Shweta, I'll be really glad if u come link this gorgeous recipe to 'NO BAKE DESSERT PARTY' I am hosting this week .


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