Thursday, July 24, 2014

Saturday Snapshots, Join Us In Food Photography Series

Click, share and learn-The fun way!

We love anything food!!
...we love cooking
...we love clicking 
...we love writing
........oh yeah blogging! 

The journey of food blogging hooked Me at Merry Tummy and Sireesha Puppala at Siris Food to the beautiful journey of photography. We see an apple and a dream visualise in a million ways as how it could be presented in our blogs. Sometimes the apple come out damn sexy and sometimes it could almost look like a ripen guava. Early mornings, late afternoons, clicking clicking and clicking...exhausted- we finally give in and give up, But we learn, gain experience and get to know the mistakes.

I reached a point from here to here and I am still learning.

Before and after shots of same mango drink! 

Siri came from Here to Here. 

Before and after shots of drinks- You can see the differences! Awesome-isn't it?

....And both of us could go back to where we started anytime , So we PRACTICE.. Yes we are bad photographers, But want to be good photographers, So we learn, we give up, we restart, we experiment, we click, we share. Yes WE SHARE.

Is it for you??
Do you love clicking photos?
Do you enjoy sharing your clicks? 
Do you want to experiment and try new techniques? 
Do you need a platform to showcase the pictures? 
..........If the answers to all these questions are YES then our new series SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS is for you.

What is it? 
SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS is a gateway to practice and learn photography through sharing our clicks. 

How we learn? 

A theme will be given during the start of the week for a photograph-Like click any fruit, empty glass, or a dessert- anything connected to the food. Each of us will click in our own style and post the pic on our blog on every Saturday .Yes JUST the picture, no write ups, content-you heard it- no lengthy post-wow, isn't it??

Why join us?
We are no professional photographers and we are not here to judge your snaps. 
We have no strict rules, we don’t want you to cook anything special to click-we just want to have fun together.  
We just want to motivate each other and make our food photography journey more interesting. 
We will encourage each other with supportive comments, new ideas and suggestions.

How can you join?
Leave your email address in the comments and we will get back to you with the next steps! Join us at our Facebook Group. Lets be curious, lets be enthusiastic, lets be upbeat and lets be creative...and lets be mad!! But let continue to learn.

Passion is all what we need!! That’s all. Ready???



  1. love to learn about this, my id is

  2. Signing up now! I find photography a real struggle at times!

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    1. You are already so great:) thanks for joining in :)

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  10. Thank u shweta for inviting me here :) I already commented to this post with my mail id, but the comment seem not to be here!! I'll keep and eye on updates and try joining Thank u so much :)

  11. Such a great imitative shweta and Sirisha..
    Will try my best to send one . There is soo much too learn with every post, every read..

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    Thank You :)

  13. Wow.. Wud luv to join Sweta.. Glad tht I ll get a chance to learn from u gals

  14. Just love to learn more about photography .Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and giving us inputs .
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  20. This is suchhh a great initiative for so many others like me..who r new to photography and blogging, but love it !! I do wanna join in and have some fun.... :)

  21. Hi, i was just blog hopping and found your blog. And saw this awesome column about food photography series. I would like to join. My email id is -

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