Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ice-Cream Cake, With Kellys Of Cornwall

What is your perfect picture of a beach holiday? What is your favourite thing about the beach? May be a flowery loose dress, flip-flops and sun glasses? Or swimming and snorkelling till you are tired?? Perhaps enjoying fish and chips with chilled bottle of beer?? Whatever it may be, but a trip to the beach can cure any mood. When I think of a beach vacation, I visualize myself relaxing on a sun bed, soaking the sun with a book in one hand and ice cream in another. Part of me says ocean, part of me says sky and all of me wants to be on the beach. Just a peaceful way of soothing the soul and gaze at the sky as the world goes by.

This year if you are anywhere around the Cornwall beaches, please don’t forget to gobble on Kellys Of Cornwall ice creams.  They have created a beautiful ice cream excursion map for anyone holidaying in the county this summer. For the first time, the locations of all the ice cream parlours, cafes and hatches across the county that sell Kelly’s famous clotted cream ice cream are plotted on a map. To view and download the map, click here: http://www.kellysofcornwall.co.uk/ice-cream-map. 

Glimpse of the map-Interesting isn't it??

Look how creamy it is!

It happened 3 weeks back when I was sent the vouchers of Kellys Of Cornwall ice cream and I accepted them without any thoughts. Why? Because last winter they approached me to pair their range of ice cream with any hot dessert and I was blown away with the taste. I paired their clotted cream ice cream with very Indian Gulab Jamuns. And rest as we say is the history, we are hooked on the clotted cream, we buy huge tubs and they are finished really soon.

However this time I planned to make Ice-Cream Cake with it. If baking is not your forte and you still need to prepare a classy dessert; then consider this- Ice cream cakes are not only impressive to look at, but they're also easier to make than you might think. Use any sponge cake- vanilla, chocolate, or lemon and sandwich it between the velvety, creamy and smooth clotted cream ice-cream-that’s it. Oh! Don’t let the pictures intimate you; there is no secret at all.

1 tub of ice cream
1/2 pound sponge cake
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1 tablespoon unsalted butter

  1. Before making the cake, let the ice cream be on room temperature, so that is soft.
  2. Take any tin or pan you want. I used glass rectangular tin. Grease the tin with butter. Spread the cling film on the tin, such that the cling film is little extra on the edges. Do this step carefully and neatly, as this will become the top layer of the cake.
  3. Next, spread half of the ice cream on the tin. Make sure it is even from all the sides. Freeze for 1 hour.
  4. In the meantime, cut the sponge cake in to pieces. When first layer is frozen, spread the cake pieces over it evenly. Freeze again for 1 hour.
  5. Lastly spread the remaining half of the ice cream on the sponge layer and sprinkle chocolate chips on it. Freeze atleast for 5-6 hours.
  6. Run a sharp knife around the edges and then pull the cling film to unmould the cake. Or you can directly slice the cake in the tin and then serve.

You can also slice the cake as per the shape and size of the tin and then use the whole.
If you wish to make it more rich, then add spread any jam of your choice on the cake layer.
Any dried fruits, nuts, chopped fruits can also be used –for decorating on the top or as layers.
This cake can be made 1 week ahead. Keep in the freezer.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or told to write positive review. The post is based on my experience and is unbiased. Thanking Kellys Of Cornwall for sending vouchers for review.


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