Monday, January 30, 2017

Roasted Nuts Chocolate Barks

Don’t waste food is my motto. I get so angry when I see people just throwing food in the bin. How can some people don’t know how much grocery they will need for a week? How some people cook extra food every day? To be honest, with experience I guess, everyone must know or be judgmental on how much grocery and food is to be needed.

There are tons of ideas to use leftover food. I have used leftover food in below ways.
Leftover dal to Dal Cheela
Leftover rice to Rice Patties
Leftover paratha to Paratha Chips
Leftover cabbage subji to Cabbage Thepla
Leftover rice to Jeera Rice, Matar Pulav

You wont believe but my mom used to leftover ladoos (mothichoor) as well. She use to fill the ladoos in the chapatti (like aloo paratha) and roll it. Roast it on tava with ghee and serve hot in breakfast. Ah divine. So there’s always a way, I promise.

So we had some guests last month and they brought for us nuts and some chocolates. My mind isn’t at peace after that. I just wanted to make use of that before the expiry date. What better then Chocolate Barks. Ah huh! Roasted Nuts Chocolate Barks.

Last time I made Nutty Chocolate Barks using pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds and the focused taste was of dark chocolate. In today’s recipe I have used all three kinds of chocolate- Dark, Milk and white. Nuts, I used almost all kinds- cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans and raisins as well.

Chocolate barks are like adding omega and fiber kick to your plain chocolate. A small piece can satisfy your sweet tooth without being hard on your healthy diet. It a great gift as well- packs in fancy boxes or wrappers and gift to your loved ones.

1 bar of dark chocolate (100 grams) chopped roughly
1 bar of milk chocolate (100 grams) chopped roughly
½ bar of white chocolate (50 grams) chopped roughly
1 cup of roughly chopped nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans and raisins)

Take a tray and lay parchment paper or aluminum foil on it.
Heat a pan and roast the nuts on a low flame. Keep mixing. It should take 1 minute. The nuts will turn brown and aroma will release.
In a microwave safe bowl put dark and milk chocolate. Microwave in the oven for 30 seconds. Stir. There should be no lumps. Microwave again for 10 seconds and stir. Keep doing so till the chocolate is melted and is smooth.
Spread the melted chocolate on the tray. Take a spoon and even out the chocolate. Decide the thickness of your barks and spread the melted chocolate.
Sprinkle the nuts all over the chocolate. Freeze in the freezer for ½ and hour.
Take another microwave safe bowl. Microwave white chocolate for 10-15 seconds. Once melted pour it on the chocolate bars. I tried to do checks pattern on it.
Freeze again for 1 hour.
Break the bar into uneven pieces and store in the fridge in an airtight container.

Make sure that the bowl you are using is absolutely dry. Water and chocolate are enemies.
If you do not wish to use microwave, use double boiler method to melt chocolate.
As always, feel free to use any kinds of nuts or seeds in the recipe.
If you like more dark/bitter chocolate taste then use more dark chocolate and vice versa.
White chocolate swirls adds very beautiful color contrast to these barks but it is totally optional.


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