Saturday, March 4, 2017

Posh Choc Nibbles Review

Posh. What does that mean? Posh means -elegant or stylishly luxurious. How about posh some nibble? To be precise-posh chocolate nibbles. Sounds exciting? Imagine the most comfortable sofa, your favourite kind of book and chocolate. Now broaden your imagination, and think about luxurious chocolate that are meant specially for nibbling. Hmm! Now you are thinking.

Choc Nibbles sent me very stylish and elegant Posh Choc Nibbles and it was love at first sight. the combination of chocolate, caramel, biscuits, nuts and milk chocolate makes so perfectly balanced that it’s not too sweet and not to bitter. Every bit is bathed in chocolate- rich, velvety and so desirable that you just can’t stop.

Posh Choc Nibbles are apt as the go-to snack if your sweet tooth is craving something a little more indulgent. Posh Choc Nibbles earned their posh title after they received a tasty upgrade. Building on the delicious recipe of best-selling ‘Original Choc Nibbles’ they have been all poshed up with a classy coating of smooth milk chocolate.

The idea for review was to show your posh style. To enhance the beauty of these ‘little melting moments’ I served it in my high-class Red Candy cups. I feel that these cups were designed to serve chocolate. These chocolate nibbles and my posh cups are a marriage made in heaven. While many might find it not-so-classy to serve nibble/snack in a cup, I, on the other hand feel it is important to break the stereotypes and do things out of box.

Coming back to these chocolate nibbles, below are some fun ways you can use it (other than nibbling, ofcourse!)
-Top it up in your daily morning cereals, porridge, granola or oats.
-decorate your favourite cupcakes, cakes, mousses or desserts with these.
-Fold it in your crepes or sprinkle on pancakes.

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