Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Milk Powder Churma- Indian Sweet

I am very happy today; Well I made a dish and never thought that it will be appreciated so much. I received an award for "Best Innovative Recipe". I made Curry Leaves Biscuits/Cookies and now these cookies are so special to me. I will like to thank Poonam from Spicy Aroma to award my dish. Here is my award. (I cant stop smiling ;)

So here comes celebration- Kuch Meetha Hojaye :) Milk Powder Churma .Milk powder is used in so many Indian Desserts. Milk Powder Churma is a very delicious and quick recipe. It needs only three ingredients -which we always have in our kitchen. This is a very light sweet and all must try this.

Milk powder -1 cup
Sugar- ½ cup (a little less then that)
Ghee- ¼ cup

Heat ghee in a pan. In it add milk powder for 2-3 minutes and keep aside.
Now in same pan add sugar and cover it with water (just cover). Bring to boil till it reaches 1 string consistency (1 taar ki chashni)
Add milk powder in the sugar syrup and cook for some time (keep stiring). When ghee separates from the mixture cook for another 1 minute. (it must be crumbly in texture).
Its done- Serve hot o cold (You will love it)..

Notes-You can add any nuts to enrich it more.
-Crushed cardamom can also be added to increase the flavour.


  1. i made it. quick and easy. Loved the pic BTW

  2. congratulations...indeed it was best innovative recipe

  3. félicitations Shweta!!!

  4. hi

    stumbled on u r blog,it is very lovely, love the churma , can we make it in micro oven .

  5. Hi sheets
    Very very yummy, made it today and my kids loved it...

  6. Thanks Priya :) I am glad they liked it

  7. Aha! Can this get any simpler, love it! Easy peasy recipe!! Innovative too.

  8. Thanks Pavithra- It is my most famous recipe


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