Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to deodorize your fridge/How to remove the bad odor from your refrigerator

Its time for another tip. Yes its Tuesday and today's tip is How to deodorize your fridge/How to remove the bad odor from your refrigerator.Getting rid of bad odors in a refrigerator can be a nightmare. Rubbing and scrubbing might remove the stains, but the bad smell often lingers

A refrigerator that smells bad inside can stink up an entire kitchen, even when the door is closed. This can ruin an appetite in seconds flat. Most of the time, the source of a bad odor in a refrigerator is a sliced raw onion, garlic or spicy foods. Do not bother with costly store-bought fridge fresheners.

Tip 1- Clean the fridge. Clean all the shelves and drawers with a thick paste of baking soda and water. Not only will you remove food stains but odor as well.

Tip 2-You can then continue deodorizing your fridge with baking soda. Place an open container with baking soda inside and let it absorb the smells for at least 24 hours.

Tip 3- If baking soda doesn’t help, you can also distribute freshly ground coffee evenly on a plate and put it in the fridge for 24 hours. Coffee is known to absorb smells effectively. Instead of throwing the coffee away after the 24-hour stay in the fridge you can mix it with soil and use it as a fertilizer for your garden.

Tip 4-Place an open bowl of white vinegar in the back of the refrigerator. It will immediately begin to deodorize the fridge by neutralizing bad odors. Change the vinegar once every two weeks. Use the old vinegar to deodorize and clean kitchen drains. Absolutely nothing will go to waste, and the fridge and drains will always smell clean and fresh.

Stop holding your breath every time you open the fridge, and give these simple home remedies a try. Get rid of odors that are turning heads and turning stomachs. These really work! Have a happy refrigerator. 

* Disclaimer :::: Not all the information mentioned above is my own and some of it are taken from various books and online sources like Google including the pics. My pics will have my logo on them , rest all are taken randomly from Google


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