Monday, January 21, 2013

Gits Khaman Dhokla Instant Mix Review

I know I have been so very irregular in blogging these days :-P. Even today I do not have any new recipes to share and talk about- sorry about that, but I do have something new that you all will like to read about. Today I am going to review one of favorite product. It is form Gits, Gits is a very famous product and is used in many houses in India. Gits has wide range of instant mixes and today I am going to review one of them which is Gits Khaman Dhokla Instant Mix.

Before reading the review I will like to tell you what is Khaman Dhokla?- IT is an Indian Guajarati specialty. It is perfect for any time snack. It is like a savory steamed sponge cake made from gram flour. It is healthy snack as it is not deep fried and also rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

I really like this instant mix-the dhokalas were very soft and yummy. It is a complete time saver for me, when ever I am in hurry and I am not sure what to cook , it is then when I look for this packet . I like to garnish it with green chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds(rai) which adds more taste and flavor to it. All that it needs for preparation is oil and water which is always available in our kitchens. It is 100% vegetarian with no artificial colors and flavors. It is a good value for money, 60 pieces at this price is a very good option. At last I can say that all working ladies and busy moms must keep this packet in the kitchen and cook when ever they want in just 15 minutes.

Here is the final results:



I will be soon back with other reviews.
Disclaimer:  This is an unpaid and unbiased review. My review depends totally on my taste and choices.


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