Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top Of My Mind :-)

There are times when some things, ingredients, vessels; basically anything from your kitchen become your obsessions and you use it for many days. I remember there was a cheese grater that I bought and I loved it so much that I started grating even onions, garlic, ginger and what not with it- it was that grater only that used to be on Top Of My Mind. Just like that, there are a few things that I am sharing with you all lovely people that have become my current favourites or obsessions.

Yellow ice cube tray:
As you all know how much I love yellow and now when it is summer here I am totally in love with this cute,flowery and bright yellow ice tray. I used it for frozen chutney (HERE) and it is also very good for jellies :)

Black Pepper-crushed and whole:
This has totally occupied my mind these days. I am putting this spicy tiny spice in almost everything I am cooking- tea, rice, parathas, and pastas. Amazing flavour and aroma :) Isn’t it?

Black and whites:
I know it is summer but some combinations are like Jodi made in heaven. Black and white is one among them. I have been using black and white plates, bowls and cups in so many of food photographs. You can see here, here and here. Black and white is such a “wow” combination.

And finally, Patak’s Chilli Pickle:
I love spicy food, the spicier the better. I tried so many pickles here in London (in vain) to satisfy my spicy tongue ;) but couldn't find the right one; until I laid my eyes on Patak’s pickle. I find this pickle irresistible. You can buy it from here.

Hope you all like this post. What are your current favourites? Anything in the kitchen/food world that has been your current obsession. Please share :)


  1. wonderful post tray is really cute and i also keep leftover chutney in freezer for other time...

  2. I loved the title of this post Shweta "Top Of My Mind".. There are always some or the other favorites we have that we tend to use repeatedly or I should say love to use instead... Such cute ice-tray and yes I'm fond of green chillies too.. Will check out for the pickle :-)

  3. Lovely collection, I like the bright yellow tray....


  4. Good Morning Shweta,

    What a coincident, I was thinking to do something like this, bcoz I too have obsession of some stuff I love to use repeatedly and sometime I just cook something to use those stuff ;) ...Hahaha
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. nice collection. those cups are really cute !

  6. Interesting post! I have this tiny little cute grater which I love to use for ginger, and at the moment I tend to throw ground flax or chis seeds into most things, sweet or savoury.


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