Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday's Tip - How To Store Methi/Fenugreek Leaves Without Drying?

You always hear and read that one must include greens as much as possible in the diet. Whenever I think of leafy green vegetable only spinach (palak) and fenugreek leaves (methi) pops in my mind. Both of these veggies when added to any dish indeed boost the taste and bestow the attractive green colour, which I love. Do you too?

Fortunately, spinach is available throughout the year in most of the countries but fenugreek leaves, sadly can be seen only in the winters. The dark green, flavourful magical leaves which are must in so many dishes like methi mutter pulav, methi thepla or simple gajar methi subji is lovely. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy this nutritious vegetable all over the year? Now you CAN.

I got an email,
Hi, shweta,
I find the Tuesday’s tip section very helpful and I was wondering if there is any method via which I can store methi leaves fresh for long time.Drying leaves method is common and in any case dried leaves are available in the market. I wanted a way through which I can store leaves ‘fresh’. I will be looking forward for the tip.
Mails like these are appreciated :-) I wondered -if I could find the answer many of you ladies will be happy. I experimented twice and thank god I succeeded second time.

So, here I present before you the full proof way through which you can store “FRESH” methi leaves for atleast 10 months without compromising the colour, flavour or taste. I have done it and it is a sure shot tip. May be I am late sharing on my post (as winters are almost over) but if you can still find methi in the market- buy now and buy in bulk- Buy :-)

What you need to do? Take methi leaves and chop them very roughly (no washing) needed. Take silver/aluminium/kitchen foil and place chopped leaves on it. Fold the foil (not tightly, just cover all leaves well) and put in Ziploc bags and freeze it. Whenever you want to use it, wash and add in the dish you are making . I made 2 batches from one bunch of leaves and put both of them in 1 Ziploc bag.

You might ask:
Q-What will happen if you wash it?
A- Due to water, moisture content will increase and thus methi leaves will be rotten.

Q- Why can’t you close the foil tightly?
A- It is certainly important that you cover the leaves completely with foil, but applying any tight pressure will again lead to moisture.

Q- How to chop- with or without stem?
A- I find that stems also have certain flavor (the bitter tint) which I personally like, so I use the stems as well. But if you want, you can totally pluck leaves –in that case, don’t chop them, just chop before use.

Hope you all will like this tip. Any kind of suggestions, questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated :)


  1. Nice idea shewta .I was thiking if we chp the methi leaves it will be bitter .

    1. @Priya
      Nothing that sort of happened :-)

  2. definitely very useful and nice post.

  3. Very useful post dear...Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for sharing dear........useful info!

  5. Very nice tip dear...I was shocked to see the last pic 5 months?? Wow..I never knew it could stay well that long ..Very useful post..thanks for sharing..

  6. Very useful and informative post dear.....

  7. Whoa! 5 months? that's awesome.I am gonna buy in bulk store it this way :)

  8. 5 months..... cant believe it... Every time I waste atleast some of the leaves.. it is a great idea.. thanks for sharing dear.. :)

  9. This is really good tip ...... Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Fantastic tip, am gonna make this soon.

  11. That is really helpful. The only problem with the Methi Leaves we get at Indian stores are they have lots of wet dirt on it. But I want to try your tip.

  12. I generally use it fresh same day cause now methi is available thru out whole year here , only difference is in winter leaves are big and green and in summer small leaves, I used to chop , wash and freeze it in zip lock bag, it survives but will try this way too. thanks.

  13. very useful tip will definitely try it out :)

  14. U r doing something unusual n very unique......i m impressed mam!!!

  15. Is it important to keep them in freezer or we can keep them in freeze also?
    Please revert soon!

  16. Ohh my god... Really.... Need to try. Will let u know wat happens

  17. Hello all. I have washed methi leaves and kept it to drip water. Just found this post. What to do now .. please suggest ways to store it. Got a full medium bowl of leaves.


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