Friday, May 16, 2014

Raw Mango Chutney/ Kache Aam Ki Chutney/ Kairi Ki Chutney, For Chaats

What is chutney? Chutney usually contains some mixture of spice, vegetable, and/or fruit. Chutneys may be either wet or dry, and can have a coarse to a fine texture. There are many varieties of chutney. A spoon of chutney is what we both need with our meals and that is why I have tried making so many chutneys:
After pours of rains and strong winds it is finally a crisp golden day. I checked weather online for weekend and I am so happy that sun will be liberal and have mercy on us. So no deep fried meals or tedious cooking will happen. I will stick to cold quick chaats, puchkas and bhel puri. Hari/green chutney is one that is ‘must’ in all the chaats. The spicy smooth green chutney is what intensifies and uplifts the experience of the chaats. The most common green chutney is the grinned paste of coriander leaves, chilies and lemon juice.

Chutney is a)easy to make, just grind and it will be ready; b) there are so many variations and ideas to prepare it; c) you can pair it with many dishes like tava pulav, mixed daal pakodas, stuffed aloo parathas or with plain crackers. Having said that- it is always good to have jar of chutney in the fridge- for quick fix or easy meals-you just can’t miss that.

But hey it is summers, and summers means mangoes. I just love raw mangoes-so sharp, sour and tangy. You might not get juicy alphonso mangoes here in London but raw mango/kacha aam/kairi is available in abundance. Last year I made heeng ka aam ka achar/aseofetida mango pickle which was the most popular post throughout the year. If you want to try instant mango pickle then you must see the Instant mango pickle recipe with step by step pictures.

Today, it is uncomplicated straightforward chutney made with Kacha Aam/ Raw Mango/ Kairi. Now no more words let pictures talk :)

1 raw mango/kacha aam/kairi
2 cups coriander leaves/dhaniya
3-4 green chilles/hari mirch
Salt to taste
Pinch aseofetida/hing
Waste as needed

Wash and chop green chilles, coriander leaves and raw mango.
In a grinder, grind everything together to form a paste/chutney. Use water as needed.

You can also add ginger, mint  and garlic in this.
This can be stored in the fridge for 6 days or up-to one month in freezer.


  1. I like to add ginger too, finger licking Chutney. Maza aa gaya.

  2. love the background of the first image swetha,,did you paint the wood?

  3. Absolutely a winner there Shweta..Yum !

    (btw,I have mentioned the give away in my recent post)

  4. Wow this looks delicious! I love mango chutney but never knew how to make it. I’m going to give your recipe a try.

  5. Love this chutney......I feel nostalgia while seeing ur pics.. :)

  6. Too tempting ...... Love it!

  7. Tonguetickling chutney, sooo tempting.

  8. Wow dear the chutney looks so tempting.. I'm craving for it now..

  9. This is definitely a lip smacking one.. truly delicious... and can i get one from those flavored mango pieces

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments :-)

  11. Loved This!!!


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