Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 Patties Recipes That You Must Try

We all slave ourselves in the kitchen when there is a party or a get together preparing snacks and appetizers. One snack that never gets old, one that never fails to impress, one that everyone loves, one that is easy to prepare --- Tikki, tikia, patties, cakes- whatever you name it. 

Serve them plain with chutney, dips, yogurt, pickle or ketchup or in tortilla wraps or pita pockets with some salad and dressing

Here are 10 patties recipes from my kitchen. From classic  to exotic ones, from cheesy bits to crunchy ones, from healthy to deep fried ones.

1.Baked Chickpeas Patties :- Healthy ones made with chola. Great for weight watchers.

2.Corn Cheese Patties: Deep fried, very cheesy with the crunch of corn. Will impress anyone.

3.Kidney Beans Patties: Protein rich, spicy nibble- made using rajma.

4.Potato Patties Coated With Sesame: Gold coins coated with til-looks beautiful.

5.Ragda Patties: The simple aloo patties served with spicy ragda on top. Classic one.

6.Paneer Mint Patties: My personnel favorite. Made with crumbled paneer with hint of mint.

7.Leftover Rice Patties: Tikki recipe that uses leftover rice. A must try.

8.Almond Potato Patties: Tikki with handful of spices and badam to give some crunch.

9.Spring Onion And Chese Patties: Very elegant and posh. Cheesy and tasty. Hit on foodgwaker.

10.Italian Couscous Patties: Made with fresh Italian herbs. Healthy-oh yes!


  1. Wow..... loved the header...just loved these patties..they all look tempting and yes Must try....

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  3. Looks like new page to me .Lovely collection of patties .I too a patty lover ...

  4. too tempting patties,love to try

  5. Lovely collection of patties eyes on the italian patties!!

  6. Wow....! such a great collection of patties......

  7. Very nice and useful collection...bookmarked, thanks for sharing this :)

  8. Wow.. an Array of pattices here !! I love them all .. for some reason .. dont have may of them in my blog... I am sure V and S will love them.. if I make them!


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