Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oven Roasted Okra/Bhindi- Crispy And Easy

I love bhindi, it is my brother’s favorite too. But I can’t cook bhindi or ladyfingers well. Every time I make bhindi it would either turn very gooey or it burns. I just cannot understand the science or art behind cooking the perfect bhindi. I have tried so many methods and variations but I fail each time.

After coming to London I tried my hands on frozen bhindi; by the way here bhindi is called as Okra. The experience with frozen okra was more terrifying. They turned mushy more like bharta. I almost gave up until one day I saw a video about making okra in the oven by Rashmi’s Recipes  I made some changes in the recipe as per my taste and requirements.

Finally, I collected all my strength and tried again, and this time I was happy and so was Mr. Husband :-). Let me tell you, cooking okra in oven is so easy and not at all messy. It needs no stirring and gets ready without any fuss. Oven roasted okra has right crispiness and amazing aroma. Do try it.

Recipe Source: Rashmi’s Recipes

2 cups. Okra/ladyfinger/bhindi sliced (throw away the caps)
1 small onion/pyaz, sliced
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 tsp. crushed fennel/saunf seeds
Salt to taste
½ tsp crushed chilli flakes
2 tbsp coriender/dhaniya powder
1 tsp lemon juice

Heat oven to 200 C
Line an oven pan with baking paper/parchment paper.
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a bowl and set aside for 10-15 minutes.
Spread them in the pan and bake on medium rack for approximately 30 minutes. (Lower the heat if it starts to brown).
Once ready mix lime juice.

Make sure that okra is nicely washed and drained. Water in okra will make it soggy.
Add 2-3 cloves of garlic for added flavour.
Peanuts and coconut can also be put in for south Indian style recipe.

Serving Ideas:
It is apt for take away lunch-pack in the tiffin of your husband or kids.
It is also a side dish, serve with rice or paratha..
Stuff between two bread slices and dish up as sandwich.

Spicy, crisp and aromatic.


  1. Super easy and looks delicious. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Thanks Sapna, Already following u

  4. I agree, the few times I've made bhindi, it's been gooey and frankly, kinda gross. Love your new method though! Maybe there's hope for my bhindi making :)

  5. Thanks...Do not lose hope, go ahead and try this :)

  6. Hi Shweta. That is a healthy way of preparing crispy bhindis and they look delicious.

  7. Love this Bhindi fry,shweta.A perfect crispy recipe :)

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