Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Last Minute Budget Gift Ideas For Mother's Day: Happy Mother's Day

I believe in love at first sight because I have been loving my mom since I opened my eyes.

Every mother is kind, caring, adorable and special. On this mother’s day are you struggling and still undecided about what to gift her? Here are my top 5 budget last minute gift ideas that will make her feel special.

DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub

Every mother needs this, in fact every woman needs this. A simple homemade beauty scrub that is sooooo easy to make. Let your mother pamper her skin with this summery, lemony scrub. No harmful chemicals or colours- simple kitchen ingredients and dash of love. See details HERE.

DIY Movie Hamper-

If she loves to watch movies, make for her a movie basket. This basket is like a box of happiness, smiles and fun. Include anything that you know she will love. Put on your thinking cap and be creative. See details HERE

Bake for her: 

You don’t need to be a master baker to make something special for her. Look for simple things that would please her. Like vanilla Heart Cookies, Brownies or Ice -Cream Cake. Write a nice note for her and serve it with the dessert.

Cook lunch/dinner: 

Spend some family time. Cook for her yourself, plan simple and yet elegant menu for her. Like Burnt Garlic Pasta, Baked Sweet Potato Wedges and Grilled Quesadilla. Keep in mind her choice, eating habits and dietary needs.
Little things

Make a card, paste a photo on it. Or make a photo collage, calendar or mug-see HERE for more ideas. Upload the special pictures and make a video using Picasa, windows movie maker. How about chocolates, flowers, her favorite book. Take her for a walk by the river or a weekend away.

The ideas are endless, but I have listed down budget friendly last minute ideas. Just spend time with her, that’s all she needs. Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful and amazing mothers in the world :-)


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