Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pink Rose Cake: Vanilla Fresh Cream Cake: Sponge Cake: Eggless Baking

Mother- greatest power of the universe!  Because she is there, you are there. You owe your existence to her. When she smiles at me even on a Skype call, I feel like her smile has hugged me. Oh there are millions reasons why I love her and probably because of the million things she has done and still doing for me which I don’t even know of. That’s mom- one selfless person who can make everything worthwhile. How would you describe a mother, someone asked me. Well, life doesn’t come with manual, it comes with a mother.

To compile this post I asked my blogger friends to tell why a mother is an inspiration for them and one recipe/dish they will like to cook for their mother.

Sandhya of Sandhya’s kitchen says-My mum is a very skilled cook, who believes that we need to have a balance in what we eat. Anything in moderation is good for health like a Teaspoon of Ghee. I have learnt my basics (disinterestedly at a very early age like any other girl). Seeing her work selflessly always inspires me !! 
Mum being a coconut lover, I would love to dedicate this recipe of Blueberry Coconutmilk Smoothie to her.

Manali of Cook With Manali  says-My mom inspires me everyday, in everything I do. I think the biggest thing that she has taught me is to have patience and to face all challenges in life with a smile. She is the strongest woman I know and whatever I am today, it's all because of her. 
Mom loves my muffins, so for this Mother's Day I would love to bake her a batch of these Mini Banana Blueberry Streusel Muffins, I am sure she would love them!

Rafeeda of Big Sweet Tooth says- Umma was somebody who had a limited dishes to her repertoire. She never loved to experiment and get out of her comfort zone, so much that we could predict what was the menu for the whole coming week. However, whatever she would make, the taste would be so good that I definitely cannot match that taste. She enjoys it when my sister and I do our experiments even though she wouldn't be involved in it. 
She wanted me to try making Lqeimat, which are Emirate yeasted dumplings drizzled with date syrup. However I couldn't make it even last month when they were with me, thanks to our tight schedule. InShaAllah, wish to make it soon for her. 

And I decided to dedicate this simple Pink Rose Cake for mother’s day. I used Vanilla Sponge cake for base and iced it with fresh cream icing with 2 drops of pink colour.


  1. Its so true Shweta, we are not born with a manual about life, but our mums are the ones who have taught us how to handle life. I miss my mum so much. Even as I grow older and get love from my adult children, I still miss that loving hand on my head. It said so much without words. Beautiful delectable cake.
    I have started a new group ONLY BAKES, please feel free to post your baked goodies there (no meat or fish). Thanks.

  2. This post is very unique.. very beautiful way to give thanks to mom.. Mom is that very person, whom you pour out all your worry, tension, frustration, happiness... all hasp and sad feeling.. she is like a huge container who take out all worry from you you, and pour the good feeling on you... :)

  3. Such a beautiful looking cake... Thank you so much for the mention... :)

  4. Thank you for lending me your space Shweta. Mother's are indeed special and this post is a great dedication.

  5. beautiful cake and beautiful post Shweta! Thanks so much for the mention! xoxo

  6. Fabulous and a lovely coloured cake...


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