Saturday, March 9, 2013

Egg Noodles- Indo-Chinese, With Vegetables

There are so many cuisines that have become popular all over the globe. One among them is Chinese noodles. We now see momos, chowmein, stir fired vegetables, noodles being sold in every corner of the world. There are so many variations and methods to make noodles.  Some like to add chicken, prawns or even fish to it. There is also a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation.

What I chose to make was Chinese Egg Noodles with vegetables –my one more stop at Indo-Chinese adventure. I like to add loads of vegetables for nutrition and spicy sauces to bring the Indian twist to the noodles. For me it is the quick answer to “What’s for dinner tonight?” 

Noodles – 1 packet (approx 500 gm), cooked per packet instructions
Sesame/til Oil – 1 Tbsp
Oil – 2 Tbsp
Garlic/lehsun paste – 1 Tbsp
Ginger/ adrak paste – 1 Tbsp
Onion/pyaz – 1 small, sliced
Carrot/gajar – 1 large, cut into strips
Cabbage/patta gobi – 1.5 cups packed, shredded
Capsicum/shimla mirch– 1/2 large, cut into strips
Egg – 1 (optional)
Black Pepper/kali mirch – 1/2 tsp or to taste
Soy Sauce – 2 Tbsp
White Vinegar/sirka – 1 Tbsp
Any Chinese Sauce – to taste
Red Chilli Sauce – to taste

1. Cook noodles per package instructions (usually 3-4 minutes), drain, and rinse with cold water and toss with 1 Tbsp Sesame Oil. Keep aside.
2. Heat 2 Tbsp Oil in a large pan on very high heat.
3. Add ginger garlic paste and cook for 30 seconds.
4. Once the raw smell of garlic fades away mix sliced onions and cook for 30 seconds.
5. After that add carrots and allow them to soften just a little.(do not overcook.)
6. Mix cabbage and capsicum and cook for 1 minute.
7. Push veggies to one side of wok and break an egg in the pan. Scramble the egg until cooked and mix together with the veggies.
8. Add Black Pepper and mix.
9. Finally add noodles, white vinegar, soya sauce, Chinese sauce and red chilli sauce. Toss noodles once before adding them to the pan. Mix well to coat all noodles.
12. Taste and adjust any of the sauces.

  • I used egg noodles, but suji, wheat or any other kind of noodles can also be used.
  • Adding eggs is completely optional. But it does bring the flavour of egg noodles we get in the restaurant.
  • Any vegetable can be added or omitted as per your choice.
  • It is very important that you cook this dish on high flame, as it helps to get the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.
  • If you do not get Chinese sauce in the market, add schezwan sauce mixed with tomatoes sauce. Look for schezwan sauce recipe HERE
Spicy and hot noodles with Indian twist also with goodness of vegetables


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