Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Memorable Blogger's Buzz And A Thank You Note!!

All of us are very well aware about the virtual events that take place in the blogging world. But recently on 23rd of February I attended a real life event called as Blogger’s Buzz. The event was attended by talented bloggers from all over the Europe. 

Blogger’s Buzz was organized by Nupur of  Uk rasoi , Nisha of Look who is cooking too and Preeti of Isingcakes and more; well what can I say about them, their blogs speak for themselves and the efforts they put in everything. Kudos to them!!

Even though the weather outside was pale and cold, I felt that inside the venue everything was so colourful and warm. I knew that breakfast and refreshment would be served, but the varieties surpass my expectations’, the table was loaded with muffins, yogurt, sandwiches, tea, coffee and juice. After chatting around and talking we all were settled. The event started with introducing ourselves and it was so wonderful to meet and know about each blogger talking about same interest-Food.

The major highlight of the event was 3 master classes. 1st session was on Food Photography by Jeanne of Cook sister . She mentioned some real important basics of food photography which was very much needed by me. 

The next class was conducted by Dora of BoBo Macarons and we were shown the method and recipe of making perfect macaroons. Oh yes they tasted divine. 

And finally the last session (one I was waiting for) was on monetizing the blog by Glam Media. All the classes were gripping and truly useful for food bloggers.

For me, the event soon became more special and memorable one. I won the contest. One needed to make anything that matched the theme of Blogger’s Buzz poster (yellow and purple with some butterflies). I made French Crepe cake layered with blueberry sauce and topped with mango mousse. The prize was sponsored by Hotel Chocolat and I will like to thank them for it. The Pamper Collection contained some of their finest chocolates and I am glad I was lucky to try them.
I must say that Blogger’s Buzz happened was because of the hard work of Nupur, Nisha, Preeti and Suchi. But what I must say it would have been incomplete without the kind sponsors of the venue -Ilovesabji.com and Avedna Ayurveda, Sri Krishna Vada Pav for yummy Indian lunch ,Tea/coffee from Whittard of Chelsea and evening snack from Urban Tadka. 

Soon the event was over and but the excitement to see what was inside the goodie bag was still on. I was so pleased to see the stuff in the bag. It comprised of delicious Devnaa sweet box, Popchips, useful cooler bag from Total Greek Yoghurt, varieties from Silver Spoon products, very well known Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract, every baker’s desired recipe book-Baking Mad, sugar goods of Billingtons. The other 2 useful items in the bag was online vouchers from Dream Cakes and discounted coupons of Avedna Ayurveda.

Blogger’s Buzz was indeed the memorable one and I am happy that I attended it.

All the talented Bloggers

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  1. Congrats and nice write up.

    Happy to hear you were also part of the event and had gr8 time with the fellow bloggers.

  2. Yes Latha, I had a great time :) I am happy you liked my article :)

  3. Shweta you have done a wonderful job with your post, and thanks for the mention :) sweet of you... your hamper looks awesome...

  4. Thanks Priya, I am glad you liked my post


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