Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cake Churma With Leftover Cake- Holi Easter Fusion

Wish you all a very Happy Holi. I hope and wish that this festival of colours bring lots of joy and happiness in your lives. Other than playing with colours on Holi it is also about cooking and eating. I remember how my mom used to cook (ah! I miss that) such lovely dishes and me and my brother would relish and enjoy them A true treat after that tiresome holi and colours.

Today I chose to make churma with cake. This recipe is very simple and quick and the best way to make use of leftover cake. This recipe is a superb and tasty fusion for Holi and Easter. Using jaggery was the interesting and unique choice. Jaggery also called as gud in English is nothing but a kind of sugar but healthier. Jaggery is more complex than refined sugar and hence does not increase the sugar level of blood abruptly. It provides energy slowly, for a longer period. Although diabetics should avoid jaggery, still it is better in this respect for diabetics than sugar. Let us see the recipe now.

1 vanilla sponge sheet
¼ cup jaggery/gud
¼ chopped almond/badam
Cut the cake into small pieces.
Put jaggery and cake into blender and blend coarsely. Like the consistency of churma.
Mix some of the almonds in the churma and use remaining for garnishing.

  • I have used vanilla sponge but any kind of cake can be opted instead.
  • If you are using chocolate cake you might need to increase the amount of jaggery.
  • Any nuts like cashews, pistachios or raisins can be used.
  • The churma can also be formed into ladoos.


  1. Wow, really innovative . Never thought of making church with leftover cake.

  2. I am so impressed with using the leftover cake because like you, I am against food wastage. Its a simple combo but a great way for another version of dessert.

  3. That's a new way of using leftover cakes! Simply good ya! Thanks for stopping by mine ;)

  4. Yup Nava, why waste food when you can use it in other ways :)

  5. wow superb innovation dear :) resembles just like churma :) You rock with your innovation .. Keep going :)


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