Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday's Tip- How To Store Green Chutney, Frozen Cubes

I am back with another Tuesday’s tip. This tip is so very useful especially for chutney lovers. As you all know that Mr. Husband and I are huge fans of chutney and we want it with almost all our meals. Green mint coriander chutney is my favourite and can be accompanied with mix vegetable paratha, Aloo paratha, rice, lauki theplas, pinwheel sandwiches ..oh! the list is endless. If you have green chutney ready in the fridge it saves most of your time.

I find it very time consuming to clean and pick the coriander and mint leaves and then make chutney out of it.  I thus came out with an interesting way to store and preserve green chutney for at least 1-2 months. I, now make a huge batch of chutney with 3-4 bunches of coriander and mint leave, and conserve them in my special way.

I made mint coriander chutney with some lime juice and hing (asafoetida) but chilli mint chutney and amla coriander chutney can also be frozen and preserved. There is no extra cooking in this method. You simply need to make chutney like you always do and freeze them in ice trays. Once they are frozen simply empty the cubes of chutney in Ziploc bags and freeze again. Any time you need chutney, take some frozen cubes and microwave for 20 seconds- and tadaaaa your chutney is ready to use.

Aren't they beautiful? Hope you enjoyed today's tip. See you with another tip next tuesday.


  1. Very cute and interesting, because I have done this. Once I make it the next moment it gets over.
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. one of my friend store all paste like this too , like garlic paste, ginger , green chilies. i stored whole container in it. take out in the morning for diner prep.

  3. Thanks priya..Glad u liked it :)

  4. I use such cubes for biriyani...and making chutney is also a lovely idea. Duly noted. :)

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  5. Oh thanks Maha, will visit your new blog soon :)

  6. Surprising and what a coincidence!? I do the same with my Chaat chutneys. It is indeed a time saver for Chaat cravers. Hugs.

  7. Loved yr tips. Very useful. Thanks dear.

  8. Very useful tips. Thanks dear. Loved it.

  9. How to keep it green. It changes to dull green colourin few moments

    1. is thats the case, add lemon juice and salt at the time if serving.

  10. Is there a way I can preserve it without defreezing or by adding some preservatives ?


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