Monday, July 15, 2013

Bloody Mary And Reviews

When I think of Pretzels one thought that pops up in my mind is it is an American snack. Well yes you do not need to be in America to enjoy authentic pretzels and I can say this with enough confidence because I recently tasted two flavours of pretzels from Penn State. The cute looking knot pretzels are healthy and better choice when compared to other snacks in the market. These pretzels are made from whole wheat flour and are baked- Yeah! You heard me- a perfect guilt free snack :-)

I tried Sour Cream And Chives pretzels and I was totally impressed. When I opened the pack I got the obvious and pleasant aroma of chives which watered my mouth:-P. Only when you toss down on the tongue the sourness taste becomes prominent. The balance of both the ingredients is so right and apt that no one can eat just one; in no time the packet finishes. Me?, I did not feel any urge to accompany this with any dip or chutney-it is better alone.

The second one that I tasted was Original Sea Salted. All I can say it is just nice; even though with distinguish taste of sea salt I quite find it blend and was just okay to be precise. All you need is some spicy dip like salsa, humus or schezwan chutney to balance the taste and flavour well. But the real cherry on the cake will be to have them with some chilled and mild spicy drink and that is what I did- Bloody Marry it is :). I find them just right when escorted with a drink- ah! a pair made in heaven.

Overall both the snacks have their own taste and flavour and are apt for summer picnic nibble. I am sure I will pick them up when I see them in the supermarket, after all they are healthy, baked and tasty-that’s everyone’s desire-Right? So like me, make Bloody Marry and enjoy this in summers :-)

Bloody Mary is the first alcoholic drink that I tried (of course after beer). I very much liked the drink because I love tomatoes a lot. Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail which contains vodka, celery and tomato juice; some people add olives, jalapenos, tobacco sauce and what not; thus it is known as ‘the world’s most complex’ cocktail. I kept it very simple and easy.

Tomato juice- 3 cups
Lemon sliced-1/2
Vodka (I used Smirnoff 21)- 1 cup
Salt-1/2 teaspoon
Black pepper powder-1 pinch
Tabasco sauce-1 tablespoon
Ice cubes crushed-8-10

Take old fashioned (whiskey glasses) and rub the rim with lemon slice and dip in the salt. Set aside.
In blender blend together tomato juice, salt, black pepper powder and Tabasco sauce till smooth.
Add crushed ice and vodka and blend again. Strain into the salt-rimmed glasses and serve chilled with Penn State Sea Salt Pretzels.

To make it less spicy decrease the quantity of tobacco sauce and vice versa.
Increase or decrease the quantity of vodka depending on how alcoholic you want.
If you can get celery salt use it instead of normal salt- it increases the flavour.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or told to write positive review. The post is based on my experience and is unbiasedWith thanks to Penn State for sending snacks to review.


  1. Loved the dark image..I have seen them in sainsbury, will try them for sure

  2. Lovely colour and nice presentation.. My first drink was Sweet Martini :)

  3. @Shobha- nice to know that dear:)

  4. Looks great..Rich looks due to the awesome red color.. :)

  5. Pretzels are indeed very tempting especially with this spicy red sip, quick and healthy munchies :-)

  6. Very nice write up Shwetha, I love pretzels...

  7. Such a beautiful presentation. I don't eat pretzels much but they are a very versatile snack and perfect with so many different drinks...

  8. Delicious love the color, great review.

  9. Yes it indeed was Kumars. Thanks for commenting

  10. Nice drink ! Love the color and the pics ! Pretzels are my fav snack too :)

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  15. Nice way to have tomatoes, no?

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  19. Nice color.
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