Monday, July 29, 2013

Nutty Summer Salad With Penn State Trail Mix

I am sure one snack that we all love and can munch any time are nuts. I mean who does not like nuts-right? That is why when Penn State asked me review their assorted trail mixes of nuts I just could not say no. We do get sweet and salty peanuts, almonds and cashews here, but Penn State trail mix are with some awesomeness included. My husband is allergic to nuts and that is why all the packs were only enjoyed by me *happy dance*.

I tried Hikin Sweet Trail Mix which is a mix of white chocolate coated raisins with yogurt flavour, almonds and, peanuts, cranberries and colourful sugar coated beans. I haven’t tasted anything like this before; the yogurt flavoured raisins are too good and unique. This snack can be used in so many ways, I mean use them in cake to make fruit and nut cake or simply drop them in whipped cream with some strawberries. This is truly a crunchy sweet delight.

Other one is Back Pack Classic Trail Mix. Such an attractive name isn’t it? I am just impressed how can they give different taste and flavour to simple nuts. This one as the name suggest is actually a perfect backpack snack. This gives you satisfying energy boost and refreshes you taste buds. The mixture of peanuts, cashews and jumbo flame raisins is a pleasant combination of taste and crunch. I was bored eating same roasted nuts and this mix is a good change.

Sweet & Salty Trail Mix is my favourite as a dash of salt does wonders to this pack. This is also a mix of peanuts; milk chocolate coated flakes and salted almonds. The grouping of sweet and salty is a just right and apt for any occasions. I just made a salad out of it and it turned out be tastier and better. You get tiny surprises in your mouth- sometime it is sweet chocolate flakes and other time you have salted almonds, for a moment it is a soft white chocolate coated cranberry where as other minute you get peanuts. Well on to the salad recipe now.

I prepared nutty salad with cucumber and carrot-Ah! a must have in summers. Coolness of cucumber, sweetness of carrot and a hint of lime juice when combines with these nuts proves out be a wow combo. Summer happiness is certain with this salad. Do try :-)

1 cup of sweet and salty nuts (I used Penn State)
½ cucumber sliced
Pinch Chaat Masala
½ carrot sliced
½ teaspoon lime juice
¼ teaspoon salt
A pinch black pepper crushed.

Mix cucumber, carrot and nuts in a bowl evenly.
Finally add in lime juice, salt and pepper. Mix well and serve.

If you don’t get sweet and salty nuts then just mix in some chocolate chips with roasted salty nuts and use.
Make this right just when you want to serve else it will get soggy.

Taste:Sweet, salty and crunchy.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or told to write positive review. The post is based on my experience and is unbiasedWith thanks to Penn State for sending snacks to review.


  1. I love trail mix, my favorite snack on the go. to add it in salad. wow.

  2. I am in because I love munching on nuts. Lovely snacks and well done on the review.

  3. delicious and crunchy salad :) thats an lovely idea to add trail mix in salad..

  4. Hey I dint know that....Well do try this salad Kitchen Queen :)

  5. Me too Naveentham:) Thanks for linking the review :)

  6. Thanks Manjula...Ya the salad was good :)

  7. Very crunchy and lovely salad, yum, yum, yum...

  8. i love trail mix and this is a version to try salad

  9. salad looks yummy ...Pass me that bowl Shweta :)

  10. salad looks lovely ! Great clicks too !

  11. Love the crunchiness the nuts add to this lovely salad.

  12. Oh yes, nuts are everyone's favorite. The salad looks really good Shweta..

  13. Thanks everyone for all such wonderful comments:)

  14. wow dats a refreshing salad...perfect for dis weather :)


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