Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cookies Recipe Collection And Happy New Year

Wish you and your dear and near ones a very Happy New Year. I wish and hope that 2015 is more exciting and joyous. Thank you all for amazing 2014, thanks for all the support and motivation :)

For the new beginning I share before you cookies recipes, so that you can start your year with sweetness and lots of baking.
  • Vanilla cookies (Little Hearts): - Vanilla and chocolate is such a winner combination and no one can ever go wrong with its taste. The sweet aroma of vanilla and bitterness of dark chocolate compliments each other very well. Enjoy these crunchy cookies with milk or coffee (like me).
  • Eggless Cardamom Almond Cookies: - Cardamom-simple enough, yet far more appealing and impressive, and tasty? You bet! They are so quick and ridiculously tasty. Cardamom gives that Indian touch while almonds add that missing crunch. Cardamom lovers, you have to try this.
  • Eggless Oats Cookies: - Eggless cookies with healthy touch of oats. These are really crunchy cookies and have a secret ingredient that makes these cookies mind blowing. You are going to looooovvveeee them. Do see the recipe to unveil that secret ingredient.
  • Chocolate Cookies: Not any ordinary chocolate cookies, but cookies that are made using hot chocolate powder. It a great way to use up hot chocolate boxes, the texture is gooey and crumbly-extremely delicate chocolaty.
  • Curry Leaves Cookies:- Yeah you read it right. If sweet cookies are not for you, then you have to give these cookies try. Curry leaves are sharp and the aroma is so distinguished, and when it is mixed with Indian spices, the cookies turns out to be so notable that you will be hooked.
  • Orange Crinkle Cookies:- these are my personnel favourite and I just cant get over with its taste. No eggs and no butter is used in this recipe, which makes it so easy that even a novice can bake them to perfection. It is the appearance that makes these cookies distinctive- the cracks and the coated sugar crafts the touch of snow flakes and crinkle which is very eye catching and dazzling. Even taste wise these cookies are poles apart from the regular ones- they are soft and chewy like a blend of brownie and cookie.
Serving suggestions:
All these cookies are best when served with hot cup of tea or coffee.
These cookies stay fresh in a air tight container for atleast 1 week, so make them in advance and serve on parties, get-together or night outs.
Pack these cookies in a festive tray, box or a plate and gift to your friend or relatives for any occasion.

Do try these cookies and let me know which one is your favorite Happy New Year once again :)


  1. happy new year swetha! Yummm collection!

  2. A Very Very Happy New Year!!!! Wishing you and your family a beautiful year ahead.
    Wonderful collection.


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