Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yucoco Chocolate Review |Ultimate Personalise Chocolate Gift|

What’s your favourite thing about the Christmas? Good food and family time is my favourite. Oh I love to receive gifts too, but deciding what to gift others is honestly a hassle for me. Who likes to go to stores, wait in the queues and walk till you are dead tired when we have online shopping? One gift that never gets old, one everyone loves is chocolates. Give me a chocolate and I am a happy soul; gift someone chocolate and you will never have to worry about the color, size and budget. Chocolates as gifts are always the best option, but UK lacks creativity when it comes to flavours, shapes and packaging. Same old boxes, same black and white theme- so boring and dull.

What if I tell you, that you can make your own chocolate- yes personalised chocolates? You decide the flavour, the toppings and you also get to write your own personal message. Yucoco bar is the ultimate personalised gift idea be it on Christmas, new year, birthday or any occasion. The chocolate bars are handmade and you have over 1 billion combinations to choose from -shocked??. Just go to their website www.yucoco.com and follow the instructions and make your own chocolate bar.

What more, you can also have bar name and you can say who the bar is TO and FROM which will appear on the inside of the gift box. For an extra £1.75 you can also add a handwritten gift card if you want to write a message. The bars are a whopping 140grms and I think its the perfect gift. I wanted to buy something personalised for my husband for our wedding anniversary and Yucoco gladly sponsored . So here is what I choose.

  1. Decide the bar type. I chose the Terrific Trio ( I wanted to taste all three in one ;)
  2. Choose the toppings. Oh man, there are tons of options from cute ones to Christmasy bells, jingles and even Santa. I chose toffee popcorn, I love you note and chilli chocolate drizzle. Yum!!
  3. The message part. Name your bar and Then put To and From (awesome inst it?). I named it as The Love Bar.
  4. Checkout and payment. That’s it your personalised chocolate gift is ready and it will be delivered within 3-5 days.

What I think? I think it is an awesome idea, very creative and above all hassle free. No travelling, no queues, no budget constraint. Chocolate tasted smooth, velvety and very fresh when compared to store bought ones. Finally it’s a gift that is love by everyone, is personalised and is just few clicks away. The packaging is very festive, colourful and beautiful- loved it.  So next time you want to buy a personalized gift and get it delivered to anyone, anywhere in UK, you know where to go right? Well, all my UK friends watch out, you may be the lucky one to taste one of these awesome chocolate bars:)

Disclaimer: I was not paid or told to write positive review. The post is based on my experience and is unbiased. Thanking Yucoco for sending me Chocolate Bar for review .


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