Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cheese Carrot Chilli Sandwiches: Guest Post

Long time back Rafeeda who blogs at The Big Sweet Tooth invited me to be her guest, I just couldn't say no. She has been a guest at her my blog before with her Vegetable Biryani. I have been so busy with my new job that I dont get time to visit any blogger friends but she is a working mom and still manages to visit everyone's blog and leave comments. Kudos to you Rafi.

Good Food: Good Friends: Good Life. Finger food or nibbles always reminds me of friendship, chats and gossips. That’s why I decided to share a sandwich recipe for her blog.

Cheese Chilli Carrot Sandwiches are cheesy, spicy and crunchy. Imagine dollops of cheese, hot green chilies and grated crunchy bits of carrots lay between bread slices –oh yes insanely delicious. Finally, grilled on a pan till crisp and golden on outside and oozing melting cheese from inside –perfect.

For those of you want to see the detailed recipe and notes-click to Rafi’s page.


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