Monday, August 31, 2015

Beetroot Massala Chaas: Chakunder Ki Chaas: Indian Spiced Buttermilk

So here is the thing. I love beetroot, more because of the colour as I believe that beetroot has no particular taste and is quite bland. It is a vegetable that is less expensive and is loaded with good nutrients and that’s why I like to use it in my recipes a lot. Try this Beetroot Raita with Smoked Green Chilli or Beetroot Lassi.

Today's post is another beetroot recipe- Beetroot Chaas. It is the blend of spices with thick yogurt and grated beetroot and thus the health benefits are immense. Made with water and curd, this drink is perfect to soothe the stomach. As you drink it the cool buttermilk it tends to wash down the spices and calms an irritated stomach lining. Packed with electrolytes and lots of water, chaas is the best thing you can give your body to fight dehydration.  I have made Plain Chaas before and it is the basic recipe. This beetroot chaas was made by me 3 months back and the recipe has been lying in the drafts ever since then. Well, yes I have been really busy these days with full time hectic job and settling in the new flat- but I don’t want to complain about it at all. So let’s talk about this amazing healthy drink.

Beetroot Massala Chaas, a simple that is nutritious and has this beautiful pink colour. You can have this on a hot sunny day, after or before workout; as evening snack or just pair it with heavy lunch.  Basically this is such an easy peasy drink that I don’t know what to write here. Well, I added some dried mint leaves, homemade chaat massala and some salt but you can modify this drink as per your taste.  So here is how to make Beetroot Chaas, my way.

1 cup yogurt/dahi
2 cups cold water
4 tablespoons grated beetroot
1 teaspoon ginger juice/adrak
1 green chilli deseeded
1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin powder/bhuna jeera
Black salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon Homemade chaat massala
1 teaspoon dried mint leaves/sukha pudhina

Mix everything together in the blender Mix well till it is frothy.
Sieve the drink and serve.

If you don’t have dried mint leaves, use fresh. Just used 4-5 crushed mint leaves.
Green chilli is optional but it brings great taste.
You can use low fat or full fat yogurt.


  1. I love adding beetroot to drinks, gives such a pretty color :) This chaas looks very refreshing Shweta!

  2. Hi dear. You seem to have a love for beets. i can see lots of Beet root recipes on your space. Very very nice.

  3. Very refreshing n healthy chaas :)

  4. Beetroot s grt addition for chaas..looks inviting

  5. I have beetroots in my refrigerator, so this will definitely be on the to-do list soon :) Refreshing it looks


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