Monday, April 20, 2015

Aanar Ka Sharbat (Pomegranate Juice) With Coke And Chaat Massala: Indian Summer Cooler

You know how sometimes you just play with the ingredients with no specific plan in the mind, I do this a lot. Especially with the drinks, we both are huge sucker for drinks both with and without alcohol. A good sunny evening is often spent with a drink and a book.  Some summer drinks such as chaas (spiced buttermilk) and aam ras (mango smoothie) is often enjoyed with lunch but the drinks like rose iced tea, mint cucumber cooler and roasted orange lemonade are best for the evenings.

Pomegranates or anaar as we call it in hindi is the most beautiful fruit ever. I know peeling it can be difficult and time consuming but that should not stop you from buying pomegranates. Need some motivation and proof? Then, see this post on what is the benefits of pomegranates and why should one eat it more? With that in mind I used fresh pomegranate juice and created this new summer cooler recipe.

Pomegranate juice+ coke + chaat massala = best summer cooler ever. Anaar ka juice is mixed with coca-cola and dash of chaat massala (tangy Indian spice blend) and there you have the Indian inspired mocktail ready. Yes this is that easy, just three ingredients. I used fresh pomegranate juice, but feel free to use tropicana, rubicon or any canned juice. Let’s see this ridiculously easy Indian inspired summer drink recipe- Aanar Ka Sharbat (Pomegranate Juice) With Coke And Chaat Massala.

1 glass pomegranate juice/ anaar ka juice
1 glass coke/cocacola
1 teaspoon chaat massala (recipe here)
Few ice cubes

Mix chaat massala in pomegranate juice.
Pour the above mixture in two tall glasses in equal quantities.
Fill the glasses with the coke.
Serve chilled with ice cubes.

The recipe makes 2 tall glasses of drink.
If you are using canned juice then you might need to add lemon juice as well.
You can also use thumbs up or pepsi instead of coke.
Chaat massala is easily available in the Indian grocery store, else you can buy from here.

Serving suggestions:
This is a great summer drink recipe, serve in parties or get together. 

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  6. that looks so refreshing. I haven't had coke for such a long time... actually years. Your photos are tempting me to have it with chaat masala and pomegranate juice :)

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