Thursday, April 26, 2012

Choco Balls

Choco Balls are the easiest way to utilize all the left over cake or improper baked cake in a quick and yummy ball of deliciousness. Even though I used leftovers, you could easily bake a cake for the sole purpose of cake balls. Choco balls are also known as chocolate pops and they are quite IN these days. The ways to make it are endless- one can use nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, coco powder etc. Its perfect Picnic Dessert.

1 cup crumbled leftover cake (any flavor will do)
2 tbsp coco powder
5 tbsp grated coconut
100 grams dark chocolate

Melt dark chocolate in double boiler
When chocolate is melted and it in 2 tbsp of coco powder
With help of liquid chocolate make balls of crumbled leftover cake
When you get the shape roll it on grated coconut (you can coat with chocolate chips, gems, nuts etc)
Line them on butter paper and freeze for 10-15 minutes.

*Warning- It is very yummy and no one can eat just one*


  1. My cake always sinks down from the center and it makes me really unhappy!...I tried this choco balls and it is a great hit in my family now!....loved it

  2. Mehreen- I am so happy that you tried and all liked it in your family.

  3. My cakes are generally not good, i always throw them. BUT now I WILL NOT THROW> I WILL TRY THIS CHOCO BALLS

  4. wow. no more cakes will be in dustbin. creative idea


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