Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paris, Through My Lens

Ahhh! Paris. A city where you can walk hand in hand with your partner and gaze forever at the twinkling Eiffel Tower; or watch the Seine River going by while quietly sitting on a bench; or revolve your souls pure in Notre Dame Cathedral; or read and sip coffee in French cafe; or relax and enjoy the wine. A city that is gorgeous in night, a city to rewind the romance, a city to fall in love all over again. Ahhh! Paris.

No more words, let pictures do the talking:-)

The Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral

Walls speak? Inside Notre-Dame

Rows of prayers

Stunning mosaic mirror work

Bridge on Seine River

The bonds of love -Love Lock Bridge

Love the French Balconies

Tall and handsome

Show me the way!

Lovere Museum- here you will find the original Mona Lisa painting

Do i say something? The Eiffel Tower

Beauty in night
Sacre Coeur
Balancing Stunt
Read at Cafe
Husband holding the French Crape- Chocolate and Coconut

Creme Brulee- the french delicacy
Coffee and cookie- the french way!

Finally Me! pouring some wine:)


  1. Wow!! beautiful pics and beautiful you..

  2. hey wonderful experiance shewta.hope u enojyed ur trip to paris.i love the love locks pics n eiffel tower pics

  3. Wow. Superb Shots. Love all the photos especially the photos edited with retro colours. I just love them. Hope u had a blast over there and njoyed a lot.

  4. Hi,
    going to Paris this May.hope will click some beautiful pictures like you & yes dreams do come true.

  5. Paris through ur eyes looks awesome..

  6. Nice Pics. Thanks for taking us around to Paris through your lens! Hope you had a blast.

  7. It's so nice to travel with you to Paris :)
    Great pics, enjoy your trip and have a wonderful time!

  8. Awesome pics.......each shot is unique and lovely :)

  9. Thanks everyone for the appreciation :-)

  10. Re: Husband holding the French Crape- Chocolate and Coconut:

    ...and wearing a blue and white striped T SHIRT!! Gosh, he is SO French!! ;)


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