Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday's Tip- How to grow/make sprouts at home?

Here I am back with another Tuesday’s tip. This tip is the answer of the request emails that I received asking to share how to grow/make sprouts at home? You can sprout seeds, beans, legumes, lentils easily at home. If you are living in a city that has hot temperature and moisture/humidity then you are lucky as the sprouts will grow really fast and properly. People who reside in colder areas (like London) then it needs bit of preparation but is really simple.

Here in London you can buy a bowl sprouts for 2-3 pound, which is very expensive as you get 250 grams of seeds for just 1 pound. Now, if you sprout these 250 grams you will have 500-650 grams of sprouts for just 1 pound. Decide which one is economical yourself? Moreover sprouting at home is hygienic and clean.

Sprouting seeds, beans and grains is one of the quickest, easiest ways to pack a group of nutrients into your body in just one handful. When you sprout them, the nutritional profile multiplies and you get real health boost in your body. That’s why sprouts are very vital for daily health. Thankfully you can sprout grains and seeds easily now. So what you need to do?

Step 1
Wash seeds, grains, legumes well.

Step 2
Soak them overnight in sufficient water.

Step 3
Next day drain the water and wash well.

Step 4
Put seeds in a colander/ sieve/ channi and drain the excess water. (For 1/2 hour)

Step 5
Take a  bowl and place colander/sieve on it. It is important (very important) that the bottom of the colander/sieve doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl. There should be sufficient space in between them.

Step 6
Take a kitchen towel/napkin/muslin cloth/men’s handkerchief and wet it with water. Squeeze out all the excess water and cover the seeds with the cloth.

Step 7
Keep in a dark place. Before going to bed wet the cloth again, squeeze the water and cover the seeds.

Step 8
Next morning, the seeds will begin to grow/germinate. If you are in warmer region they would have grown too much by now and in colder region it takes 3-4 days to grow. So keep repeating step 8 till you get properly grown seeds.

Step 9
Wash and use the way you want.

Personally I love sprouts in any form, be it a quick raw salad with veggies. I have also made sprouts dosa before and it was loved by south-Indian bloggers. You can also prepare crunchy parathas with sprouts or even a spicy mixed ussal pav.

Hope you like this tip. Any questions, doubts just shoot me an email. Do share pictures of the sprouted seeds.


  1. wow they ve sprouted so well. useful post

  2. This is the best thing we can do at home, i like to do mix sprouts for my salad and curry. my kids love this, will send u one video where you can do it just the way chinese stores has big sprouts.

  3. Very useful post, the sprouts look so good..

  4. Nice post :) I am never without at least one type of sprout on the go. Mung is always there, plus sunflower or alfalfa- and recently I tried sprouting hemp. Sunflower sprouts/ seedlings grown up to the point where they have two little green leaves are delicious!

  5. sprouted nicely...... my kid fav sprout !

  6. i love to make sprouts at home too.greengram dal is the easiest of all of them .Its sprouted so well ...

  7. Useful post shwetha
    I struggle with dosa batter :( too in this city

    Sprouts haven never favoured me:(

  8. the thing i like most about sprouting is the process. To see each day seeds breathing and growing is LIFE!


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