Monday, May 18, 2015

Mango Milkshake

Totally mad over mangoes this season! I am left with no stories related to mangoes that I can share with you. All I can say is I am done with mangoes this year, not going to buy anymore- all satisfied now ;-). Last mango stared at me every time I opened the fridge. I ignored and paid no attention to the poor lonely mango. Last weekend while I was cleaning the drawer (you know spring cleaning ;-), I found a packet of straws, some fancy twisty straws that I bought last year and totally forgot about it. That’s me, I like to buy things and then forget about it.

So I wanted to use the straws no matter what this summer, thus I decided to use the lonely mango and make some drink out of it- something too simple and straight forward. In the thinking process, my phone vibrated. Maa calling, the phone flashed. After chit-chatting about this and that, I asked her about the lonely mango. She answered promptly- make mango shake. Moms are the best :-)

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I mean, what can be simpler then milkshakes? Just put everything together, pulse the blender for few seconds, pour in the glass and enjoy-that’s it. Mango milkshake is a very popular thing in India, even the roadside vendors sell it. There are two ways in which milkshake can be prepared, one- thick milkshake, where you add more fruits and less milk, second- thin milkshakes , more milk and less sugar. For me, an ideal milkshake has more milk and less fruits, you may or may not add sugar depending on the sweetness of fruit.

Milkshakes that are too thick reminds me of smoothies, it’s not a milkshake if it doesn’t have more milk-right? So this is how you make my style Mango Milkshake

1 mango
1 glass milk (I used the same glass you see in the picture)
1/2 teaspoon sugar
4 ice cubes
4-5 saffron threads (optional)

Remove the pulp from the mango. Discard the seed.
Put mango pulp, milk, sugar and ice cubes in the blender and blend it for 10 seconds.
Pour in 2 glasses and garnish with saffron threads.

You can adjust sugar as per your taste and sweetness of mangoes.
You can add more milk more thick milkshakes.
Feel free to add icecream, vanilla essence, cardamom (ilyachi), saffron (kesar).

Serving suggestion:
This is filling and a great way to include both milk and fruits in your diet. Have it as breakfast, evening snack or post workout meal. Great for kids as well.
Increase its nutrients value by adding flax meal, chopped nuts or dried fruits in it.
Serve with dollop of chocolate icecream and chocolate sauce ;)


  1. wow..looks delicious,feel like grabbing the glass now :)

  2. Tempting milk shake with mango, I love it.
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    There is a event and a give away. Please join, it is open for everybody.

  3. Love mango milkshakes, making it regularly these days for hubby. looks super delicious!

  4. :) Shweta, what a coincidence! Me too posted about milk shakes today! :) Undeniably, mango season is picking up! Yours too look super delicious!

  5. I feel like grabbing that glass now... delicious!

  6. Loved the addition of kesar on top... nice clicks... i am seeing mango milkshakes all over the blogging post these days!!! :)

  7. I could happily have few glasses of this milkshake.. looks yummy..

  8. I can have this any time.delicious..


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