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Mixed Quinoa Salad Served In Taco Shells: Quinola Mothergrain Review

Some food was introduced to me only after coming to the UK. Things like baobab fruit, kale, flaxseeds and quinoa. Four years back quinoa was the trend setter in the food market and internet food world. Everyone was talking about it, buying it, cooking it and writing about it on blogs. I too did some research and found out that the much hyped quinoa is actually healthy. Researchers, dietitians, health freaks everyone proved with their stories and data that quiona is health food superstar. Two years back I tried quinoa and posted Indian style steamed cakes- quinoa and oats dhokla recipe.

Quinoa, pronounced as ‘keen-wa’ is a great wheat-free alternative to starchy grains such as rice and pasta.  Recently Quinola Mothergain sent me three packets of red, white and black quinoa.

Pearl (white) - the smooth one.

Red-the nutty one.

Black- the crunchy one.

At Quinola they are convinced that you will fall in love with quinoa. That is why they only do quinoa based products. Their quinoa is Peru’s finest and tastiest and has won many awards for its quality. It gluten free, vegetarian and gets cooked in 20 minutes-what else could you wish for! Well they are also into express quinoa (one that is instant), baby quinoa and kids quinoa . For more detail on what is quinoa, what are the benefits and recipes do check- 

They give you 5 reasons why everyone should try Quinola and I am totally convinced :)

I mixed 1/4 cup each of Quinola quinoa and tossed along with sweet corn, bell peppers and some seasoning and made a quick salad. It looked colourful and the taste was nutty, crunchy and smooth-all in one. Later, I filled the salad into taco shells for Mexican touch and to complete the meal. That is what I love about quinoa, you can serve it as a side salad, mix it up with chickpeas, beans or just some veggies, roll it tacos or enchiladas for a complete dinner meal -the ideas are endless.

1/4 cup white (pearl) quinoa
1/4 cup red quinoa
1/4 cup black quinoa
1/4 cup sweet corn boiled
1/4 cup bell pepper chopped finely
1 green chilli chopped
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil/butter
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 and 1/2 cups water
4 taco shells

Heat oil in a pan. Add butter/oil. Reduce heat to slow.
Throw all the three quinoa into the pan. Roast the quinoa on a slow flame till you hear popping sound.
Add water and salt. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, take a fork and fluff the quinoa seeds.
Mix bell peppers, sweet corn, green chilli and lemon juice.
Heat taco shells in the oven at 180C for 2 minutes. Fill the taco shells with quinoa salad and serve.

You can use any kind of quinoa, not necessary to use all three kinds.
Mix boiled chickpeas, red kidney beans for more filling meal.

Serving suggestions.
Serve as a side salad with any main dishes like burger or pasta.
Roll this salad in tortilla wraps with some patties and serve.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or told to write positive review. The post is based on my experience and is unbiased. Thanking Quinola Mothergrain for sending quinoa for review.


  1. I had quinoa the first time when i had gone for the Food festival at Mariott here. The pasta was lipsmacking :) This is a great post about information about the ingredient, great pictures too :)

  2. nice share.....very informative...but I am yet to taste quinoa !!

  3. Lovely pictures and the quinoa salad taco sounds healthy and delicious.

  4. lovely pics,Shweta..I too have started loving quinoa recently,nice yummy idea

  5. Super awesome and gorgeous looking tacos. I bet they taste even better! Drooling! :)

  6. I can eat quinoa day and night! that much I love it! My first intro to quinoa was in also, outside India, in States only, but since I made it, loved the texture and I totally agree with it's health benefits. This quinoa salad looks very addictive, Shweta! Loving the pics.

  7. lovely pictures Shweta! Yes I had quinoa only after I moved to US too, I like it but hubby isn't a fan so I don't make it very often!

  8. Nice quinoa salad, looking very nice in taco.Nice clicks Shweta.

  9. Your pictures speak thousand words... the salad looks like a brilliant idea...

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