Friday, May 15, 2015

Visit To Brixton Market

Now when the weather is fine (just fine) in London, we want to go out and explore new things. Brixton Market has been on our to-visit list for a long time, so we decided to visit Brixton village on the last weekend. When I checked the images and read about the village, I saw colours and lots of food stalls, I also read that it is one of the budget eating out places in London- I was excited.

We arrived a little after noon just before lunch. First impression was not good; there were hardly any food stalls, no music and very little crowd. No one made us taste the samples; no one welcomed us, no smiling faces. Then we head inside the village-the covered market. Colours and vintage-these two words came in mind. Lot of tiny cafes and restaurants with lovely sitting arrangement offering variety of food such as sandwiches, panini, cakes, curry, Caribbean drinks and what not. If food is not what you are looking for, then there is huge market selling all kinds of European, Indian, Asian, African, South American and the Caribbean stuff- From cheese to fish, from meat to bags, from fresh vegetables and fruits to Chinese medicines, from retro pieces to modern art :-)

What I liked:
  • Old era shops. There are many petite shops selling unique, rugged and different vintage retro things. Do go inside the shops and check them out. You might find something nice.
  • Cake shops: Ditch savory for a while and try cakes and pastries.
  • Mix of culture: The market is full of life, keep walking and you will find unique mix of cultures beaming up with energy.
  • Vegetarian food: There were many options for vegetarians as well. From freshly made sandwiches to panini to pasta. Thank god!

What I did not like:
  • Smell- Right in between the restaurants and cafes there are butchers shops and the smell of raw meat and fish was too over-powering for us.
  • Expensive- I heard that it is a budget eating out place, but the rates were just like any other chain restaurant or cafe in London. Pesto and cheese panini cost us £ 4.40 which is same in EAT or PrĂȘt A Manger :-( 

For me it was just Okay! If you are in London and love to try different markets then you must go, it is not bad for first time visit. If you are a non-vegetarian then you MUST defiantly visit this place-tons of options you see :)

Enjoy the pictures, I used my Motorola Moto G 2nd generation to click the pictures :)

Distress Vintage- love them :)

Mix of culture

Fancy Ramen Noodles??

Pesto cheese panini at San Marino

Oreo Milkshake ;)

Time to eat

Lets go to Africa :)

You can find more details about the market on


  1. Looks like you great time in Brixton Market. I love such places where you find good food, and fun authentic stuff! Totally makes weekend worth while. :)

  2. Love that African store, and oreo milkshake... Oh, i am jealous :) Glad you had a good time at the Brixton Market :)


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