Friday, May 29, 2015

Yak & Yeti Finsbury Park London: Resturent Review

You all know how much I complain about Indian food sold in restaurants here in London. I always grumble about fewer options in vegetarian dishes and the taste is just not Indian. When I was invited to a Nepalese Indian restaurant to be their guest and write a review, first thing that I checked was the menu. Veg momos I read, in the starters section and I was sold. You just don’t get momos in London and that too vegetarian momos-impossible!

Yak and Yeti, a neat and chic restaurant situated at Finsbury Park London is what I am talking about. On Saturday I and Mr. Husband reached there at 7.30 pm; Mr. Rahman the manager welcomed us with smile and we were asked to be seated. Beautiful dim light, well decorated tables with glasses, napkins, candle and flowers-ah nice! The ambience is simple and yet elegant and there are some lovely Nepalese paintings that will surely grab your attention.

After a detail look at the drinks menu we decided to order cocktails but then we were told they weren’t serving cocktails, frankly I was bit sad. A glass of Merlot Red Wine for me and Cobra Beer of him I told the waiter. Well who cares about cocktail when you get our very beloved Indian cobra beer-right? With that they served papadoms and three kinds of dips which were truly appetizing.

The menu is superb and you have many Nepalese and Indian dishes so we decided to have one Nepalese starter- Veg Momos (ofcourse!) and one Indian, their star selling Aloo Tikki Papadi Chaat. The presentation of momos just sets the mood, beautifully aligned momos with chutneys and salad- wow. Steamed, cooked and stuffed perfectly and tasted wonderful. Aloo Tikki Papadi Chaat a pile of three patties with dollop of tamarind chutney and yogurt dressing with sprinkle of spices and channa dal looked extremely inviting. It was cold and there was no papadi in papadi chaat-disappointing.

For mains too we choose each of Nepalese and Indian meals. After quick chit-chat with waiter we ordered Nepalese Zimbu dall, it had lot of garlic and if you like garlic it is a good buy. For Indian we had Karahai Paneer which was just okay -mild, sweet and nice. To pair along we opted for Saffron Rice which was fragrant steamed rice flavoured with saffron and garnished with fried onions and good old classic Garlic Naan.

We indulge in and enjoyed softly played Indian music in the background. We were already full but when desserts menu was handed over to me, honestly I couldn’t resist. I had Homemade Mango Kulfi which was good too, I just hoped it to be in kulfi shape and not scoops. Mr. Husband and had Irish Coffee which he totally loved.

Final thoughts- if you are vegetarian and is bored with simple boring choices in Indian food, do visit this place, they have many vegetarian options. No need to say, but this is one MUST visit to non-vegetarians; the menu is too vast :-). The service is bang on and the waiters smile at you-that’s a must-isn’t it? So here is the website-

Cost: ££
Cuisine: Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan
Location: London, Finsbury Park

Thanking Emerz and Yak & Yeti for inviting me at the restaurant. All the views are my own and I was not told or paid to write positive review. The food bill was compensated. 


  1. Nepalese food is so close to Indian and yet has a distinct set of it's own flavors and cooking methods:) Lovely restaurant!


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